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About the Balanced Wellness IBS Team

Balanced Wellness are the UK’s leading Alternative Health Experts.

Comprised of a highly trained team of dedicated practitioners, Balanced Wellness is led by pioneering Senior Practitioner and Lecturer, Claire Snowdon-Darling who alongside Laura Knowles hold a reputation for offering a professional, effective approach to health.

We partner with leading Medical Practitioners and Universities to ensure we are at the cutting edge of health provision.

Our practitioners are hand picked to ensure the highest standard of quality in their work. You can be assured, when you see a Balanced Wellness practitioner, you are seeing the best the UK has to offer.

We believe that health can be achieved naturally, that if the body is given the right tools it can achieve balance.

We believe that if we take responsibility for our health and become more educated around food and lifestyle choices we will be less reliant on Doctor’s and medication which often have side effects.

We believe there is an alternative. That alternative is Balanced Wellness.

As an organisation we are fully committed to 100% natural and organic products because we believe that the food we eat and our lifestyle choices must be safe and not deplete the body or planet

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