Who are Balanced Wellness?

Since 2008 we have consistently led the field in professional, dependable,  wellness solutions for hormones and guided thousands of clients to a place of health empowerment. And in 2024, we rebranded to become Hormone Wellness.

We are different because we truly focus on a whole health solution and look at six key areas:

  • Blood sugar stability, diet and food intolerance management
  • Stressors caused by lifestyle and the effect on our stress hormones and anxiety.
  • Menopause and women’s hormone health
  • Digestive function including protocols for IBS management and gut microbiome rebalancing.
  • Immune support
  • Emotional empowerment and inner child work

Our success is the result of years of research and experience to find the best solutions for our clients. We have walked these paths ourselves on the search for optimum health, and we know that our work is effective.

Balanced Wellness History

Balanced Wellness was founded by Claire Snowdon-Darling who discovered kinesiology, nutrition alternative health as part of her quest to get well. She was joined in 2011 by Laura Knowles, who was also on a difficult health journey. Together they quickly gained a reputation for offering a professional, effective approach.

They both taught for the other colleges  before breaking away to develop a science led, diet focused, cutting edge style of Kinesiology called Functional Kinesiology and creating the College of Functional Wellness and Functional Kinesiology. When Covid stopped us from teaching in person we pivoted and created an online version of our training called Functional Wellness Coaching and a specialised version for Menopause Coaching and these courses are now available globally and accredited by the most prestigious verifying bodies in the world.

The core of this training is our unique and ground breaking model “the Triangle of Hormonal Health” which is the subject of a book being published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in 2024. Claire is regularly asked to comment in the national press on these topics and speak at conferences and on podcasts. You can check out her show reel here link.

We have been featured in a variety of publications including The Guardian, Woman and Home, Natural Health magazine, Platinum magazine and Bella Magazine amongst others.

Each member of our experienced team is trained and accredited to the highest level either as a Wellness/Menopause Coach or a Functional Kinesiologist. Many are qualified tutors.

In 2024, we rebranded Balanced Wellness to focus on our specialism ‘hormones and menopause’ and to move away from offering a kinesiology based offering.

Hormone Wellness is a hormone, menopause and natural HRT clinic specialising in a whole health approach. We offer nutritional programmes, lab hormone testing including DUTCH testing, body identical HRT recommended by independent nurses and emotional coaching with retreats. Our team specialises in challenging hormone issues, such as a difficult menopause and we empower our clients to reclaim their health, hormones and wellbeing.

We work with clients who have:

  • Challenging menopause
  • IBS, SIBO and digestive issues
  • Blood sugar instability
  • Fatigue / tiredness
  • Stress / anxiety / trauma
  • Menstrual cycle irregularities
  • Insomnia
  • Immune issues

The Balanced Wellness Whole Health Approach

We believe that to get well it is important to look at all aspects of our life: nutrition, diet, toxic load, emotional health, fulfilment as well as the physical body. This is a whole health approach. We address all aspects of lifestyle stressors and how they are impacting our hormones and health. This approach is not only effective it means our clients develop real understanding as to the causes of their symptoms and become empowered to make decisions based on that knowledge.