About Laura Knowles

Laura is a Senior Kinesiologist and Health Tutor with a decade's worth of clinical experience which means she is confident in working with any health issue and able to hold any client emotion that is presented. Her specialties include stress, immune and digestion which include her unique clinical protocols on SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and autoimmune. Her style is investigative and thorough. She uses a wide tool kit which includes lymphatic massage, structural corrections, nutrition, supplementation, diet and emotional coaching. Clients who prefer a firm style of massage enjoy her sessions, she works in this way because it has shown to give immediate results and relief. Laura has the following qualifications; Kinesiology Diploma Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma Anatomy & Physiology Diploma Foundation Counselling Reiki Advanced Touch for Health Instructor Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training

What supplements?

Our clients are asking us what supplements are best to take at the moment. In clinic, we use muscle testing to identify the best supplement for each person as everyone is different with different backgrounds and symptoms. However, there are a few go to daily essentials that we would recommend for most people. Have a [...]

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Natural HRT

Soapbox rant (and some science nerdiness) Utrogestan is a body identical #progesterone (made from plants including yams) and is available on the NHS. It is a form of natural HRT. Progesterone is essential for women, it stabilises weight, keeps us calm, helps us sleep and in fertile women, helps thicken the womb for pregnancy. It’s [...]

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Covid-19 Health and Emotions

Covid-19 Health Advice and Emotional Coaching Support During the Covid-19 pandemic, Claire and Laura created a number of videos on key health and emotional topics to offer support and health advice to our clients and viewers.

Toxic Relationship

Is my Relationship Toxic?

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Immune System

How Structural Imbalances Affect Our Immune System

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Food Intolerances

What are food intolerances and which foods do I need to avoid and why?

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Supporting the Immune System during the Coronavirus

We wanted to blog about the Coronavirus and share the recommendations we are giving our clients to support themselves and their health during this time. In Kinesiology, we approach the body in 4 ways. Physically Nutritionally Emotionally Electrically Supporting the Immune System Physically Thymus support: Rub or tap the Angle of Louis (see picture [...]

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How we work with Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO)

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is a bacteria overgrowth in the small intestine. While bacteria naturally occur throughout the digestive tract, in a healthy system, the small intestine has relatively low levels of bacteria; it’s supposed to be at highest concentrations in the colon. It is estimated that 80% of IBS sufferers have SIBO. What [...]

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How we work with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

IBS is a common reason for absenteeism from work and visits to the GP. It is a non-inflammatory bowel condition that the medical model is unable to offer much support with. What are the symptoms? Reflux Spasm pains in the gut Bloating Constipation Diarrhoea Wind Neck pain Shoulder pain Nausea Reduced hunger [...]

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How we work with HPA axis disregulation

HPA Axis Dysregulation is currently considered a non medical condition. Functional practitioners often work with HPA Axis Dysregulation when clients have been repeatedly to the Drs and have had “normal” test results but still feel unwell. What are the symptoms? Insomnia Weight Gain Weight Loss Pervasive Tiredness Muscle pain Headaches Dizziness upon standing [...]

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How we work with digestive issues

Digestive issues affect a vast number of people. Everything from wind, upper digestive pain and problems with bowel movements would be considered a digestive issue. Symptoms • Heartburn• Acid Indigestion • Reflux • Bloating • Constipation • Diarrhoea• Bloating • Wind • Pain and IBS• Neck pain • Shoulder pain • [...]

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Herb Lamb Chops

Ingredients: 1tsp grated lemon rind 2tsb chopped fresh mint 2tsp dried rosemary leaves 1tsp extra virgin oil 2tbsp fresh lemon juice 2 -4 lamb chops Sauce: 2tsp extra virgin oliove oil ¼ cup lemon juice 1tsp grated lemon rind 1tbsp chopped fresh mint Preheat oven to 200 deg.  Put lemon rind, mint, rosemary leaves and [...]

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Chicken With Mushroom Sauce

Ingredients 2 organic chicken breast 2tbsp extra virgin olive oil 3 fresh tarragon sprigs 2 onions, quartered 2tbsp water Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Place chicken breasts in a deep dish,  add tarragon, onion, extra virgin olive oil, add water to dish.  Cook approx. 45 minutes.  Serve with mushroom sauce.  NB chicken may be grilled [...]

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Tuna Stuffed Pepper

Ingredients: 1 cup of cooked brown rice 2 large peppers 1 large onion, finely chopped 1 clove garlic 4 medium tomatoes 1 tomato seeded and pureed 1tbsp chopped basil leaves 1tbsp fresh parsley 1tsp water 1 tuna steak, cut into bite size pieces Method Cut peppers in half lengthways, remove centres.  Put water, onion and [...]

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Rainbow Trout

Ingredients: 1 rainbow trout, cleaned 1 onion sliced 2 carrots, sliced, quartered a few sprigs of coriander or parsley Juice of 2 lemons 1tbsp Tamari or Braggs 300ml of water Method Reheat the oven to 180 deg.  Rinse trout under cold water, pat dry, place in a shallow baking dish.  Sprinkle with lemon juice into [...]

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Salmon Kebabs

Ingredients: Tail piece of salmon, bone removed 2tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1tbsp lemon or lime juice 1tbsp chopped parsley 1tbsp chopped dill Method Combine all ingredients and grill lightly for 5 minutes, serve with either rice, broccoli florets and green salad

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What Happens in Food Intolerance Testing?

We see many clients who suspect they may have a food intolerance. Symptoms after eating include; […]

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The Great Oestrogen Imbalance

Many women suffer with hormonal symptoms thanks to an imbalance in the primary female hormone 'Oestrogen'. Where the medical model will look to the Pill, HRT or painkillers to control oestrogen symptoms, the Naturopathic model looks to diet, lifestyle and supplements to balance the endocrine system. What is Oestrogen? The term "Oestrogen" is an umbrella [...]

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Is exercise bad for me?

Take two women who embark on an intense exercise regime together at a Crossfit gym for 3 months. One woman gets stronger, fitter and healthier. The other woman frequently injures herself, picks up colds she cannot shift, starts to experience sleep disturbances and nightmares and her body fat increases. Why such a difference in experiences? [...]

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What if FODMAP doesn’t help IBS?

One of the first places IBS sufferers go to find relief from symptoms including symptoms including bloating, heartburn, digestive pain, wind, constipation and diarrhoea. is the FODMAP diet. What is a FODMAP diet? The FODMAP diet which was created in 1999 by Dr Sue Shepherd when she discovered through her PhD research that limiting FODMAP foods [...]

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Courgetti and Pesto

My sprialiser is possibly my favourite kitchen gadget and a great way to get make fruit and vegetables more exciting for the whole family in just minutes. The pesto can be made in advance and kept in a sealed jar in the fridge for upto two weeks. Serves: 4 Ingredients: 4 large courgettes (carb) 2 [...]

Eczema is a Gift

When I got my first patch of rough, dry, sore skin I didn’t think much of it. I was 20, the doctors said it was pretty normal after a tonsillectomy and sent me away with a tube of Dovebet steroid cream. Then the patches started to spread. They appeared on my torso, under my arms, [...]

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Raw Banana and Nut Ice Cream

This is so easy peasy! 1 ripe banana (carb) 1/4 cup of nuts - use almonds, hazlenuts, walnuts, pecans or cashews - whatever takes your fancy! (fat) Blend in a food processor, put in a suitable container and pop in the freezer. Delicious and healthy.

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Chronic Asthma and Kinesiology

Here is the case of a woman with what the Dr referred to as seasonal asthma and how Kinesiology helped her. The condition manifested with the client being very nasally, very congested with a blocked and runny nose. She was bored and frustrated with feeling lousy and wiping her nose constantly and her sense of smell [...]

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Ultimate Freefrom Pancake

Freefrom pancake using banana and egg instead of grains and milk - delicious! Can't believe this pancake is actually good for you! Dairy-free, sugar-free and grain-free, this is the perfect recipe for anyone who wants to ensure they are getting a good combination of fats, fruit and protein into their diet. 1 organic [...]

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Too Little Acid CAUSES Heartburn

feeling the burn We shout at the TV a lot. Adverts drive us bonkers. If it’s not the Actimel adverts promoting friendly gut bacteria (that contain high levels of sugar which bad bacteria feeds from) it’s the cosmetic adverts promoting youth as if being a woman past 35 is something to be shameful of. And don’t get me started on the shaving adverts… But there is one advert that makes us fume above all others. And that’s the acid ingestion / heartburn adverts. […]

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Thanks Cameron – Introducing the Bristol Stool Chart

shes on a quest to enlighten women about poo and pubes In this wonderful piece of footage Cameron Diaz and the presenter are discussing what a healthy log needs to look like. Check it out. To help the medical profession understand our bowel movements better, the Bristol Stool Chart was developed. And we [...]

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The Biggest Losers – Why Extreme Weight Loss Shows Need To Stop

the biggest loser? This week Twitter has been a wash with concerns about the winner of the popular US show The Biggest Loser winner, Rachel Frederickson, and her extreme weight loss. Rachel began the show at 260 pounds (18st5) and this week at the finale she weighed in at a staggering 105 pounds (7st5)! At 5’4 this is seriously tiny. I do not like shows like the Biggest Loser. I do like what they represent. I do not like what they are telling us – that weight loss is everything and it doesn’t matter how you do it – whether its spending all day exercising, working out when you’re injured or dehydrating yourself before weigh ins – as long as you get skinny you will be successful. […]

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Salmon Superfood Salad

Ingredients: Serves 1 1 wild salmon fillet (protein) 1 artichoke (carb) 4 large asparagus spears (carb) 100g spinach (carb) 100g quinoa or lentils (carb, avoid on the hypothalamus reset diet and IBS diet) Squeeze of fresh lemon (carb) Splash of olive oil (fat) Optional: sprinkle of nuts such as pine nuts (fat) Instructions: Prepare your ingredients by chopping the artichoke [...]

Women. Take the Day Off – Period

this test tube isn’t helping our experiment Calling all women for an experiment. What would your month be like if you rested on the first day of your period? Something strange happened to me this month. And it started 28 days ago. We are doing some serious DIY on our house and I spent the first day of my period doing manual labour in the garden. All day I was grouchy, short tempered and fed up. At the end of the day I was tired, delicate and tearful. And this pretty much describes the entire month that followed. What would have happened if I had rested up, sat in the sun, read a book, had a snooze? Would my month have been different? […]

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Is DIY bad for your health?

its dangerous to look at cameras when using tools I trap my middle finger in the spot light fitting that I am man handling down from the ceiling, scream out in pain and instantly burst into tears. It’s the umpteenth time I have hurt myself in the last month doing DIY. We are on a deadline to get our house up together so we can rent it out and it’s all hands on deck. I have cut, bruised, trapped, broken, knocked, blistered and landed on so many different parts of my body I’m starting to get the feeling I am not cut out for this kind of work. I stop loosening the ceiling spot lights and hold my throbbing finger. My partner likes a ‘bright’ room and has fitted 105 light fittings in this house. I have only loosened 12 of them. […]

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Does Alternative Health Need To Step Up?

one small step for alternative health… I was giddy with excitement at last nights Third Metric event hosted by the Huff Post and the rather fabulous Arianna Huffington. I’d been invited on the premise that it was something to do with health but I wasn’t quite prepared for what I was about to hear. […]

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When Organic is a Must – The Dirty Dozen

smells like…. an apple? One of the biggest things I go on about in my clinic is getting clients to eat more fruit and vegetables. And I always recommend organic. Unfortunately our intensively farmed, pesticide treated soils aren’t what they used to be. Fruit and veg no longer contains the levels of the oh so important vitamins and minerals that we need to keep our bodies doing their thing and this is contributing to the increase in illness and disease that we are experiencing. I also hear its not always possible to eat a 100% organic lifestyle and so I read with interest the study by Americas Environmental Working Group (EWG) who buy a load of fruit and veg each year and analyse the pesticide content so identify the good, the bad and the ugly. […]

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Stressed Marathon Runner and Kinesiology

Here is the case of a female endurance runner with high stress and how I used Kinesiology to support her. She runs her own Personal Training business and is married with 3 children. She presented with irregular sleep patterns, exercise induced asthma, poor digestion, low energy levels and hormone imbalances. How many sessions: 5 sessions over a 4 month period What I did in the clinic: For high stress we supported her endocrine system with regular ‘Endocrine Boosting’. I used a technique to correct a hiatal hernia as her stomach was positioned too high and was restricting her lung capacity, this improved the asthma and digestion.  This also helped her irregular sleeping. […]

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Panic Attacks and Kinesiology

Here is a case of a woman with night terrors and how we used Kinesiology to support her. She suffered with regular panic attacks at night which would wake her up and she would spend an hour on the toilet vomiting and having diarrhea. This had been a problem she experienced for many years. How many sessions: 3 sessions over a 3 month period What I did in the clinic: I worked on supporting the endocrine system and nervous system with a Kinesiology technique called an Endocrine Boost.  The jaw was very tight and we worked on releasing the tension in each session. We also worked emotionally with her fear of losing control. […]

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What is Kinesiology?

So what is Kinesiology? It is a good question. And we, as practitioners, get asked that question a lot especially as it’s relatively unknown in this country. Kinesiology literally translated means ‘the study or science of movement’. There are a few different types of Kinesiology out there just to make things nice and confusing – Systematic Kinesiology, Applied Kinesiology and Three in One Kinesiology to name a few. We specialise in Systematic Kinesiology which was born out of the work of Dr George Goodheart in the 1960’s who originally developed Applied Kinesiology. […]

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Wheat and Dairy Free Pancakes

Here is a marvellous recipe for some very tasty wheat-free, dairy-free pancakes. Ingredients: - 250g spelt flour (a mixture of white and brown is nice) with a nice pinch of sea salt (carb) - 2 organic eggs, lightly beaten (protein) - 600ml approx organic almond milk (fat) Lightly whisk the spelt flour in a bowl to get [...]

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“Why do I always feel rubbish?” – The Endocrine Struggle

A struggling Endocrine can make you Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy and Dopey Ever wake up stuck to the pillow? Lethargic, head achy, thinking you’re getting a cold and feeling really grumpy about it? Is this a common feeling? Then you may have an imbalance with your Endocrine System. This is my absolute favourite topic. Yes its up there with bowel movements as my ‘most talked about subject’ because nearly everyone I meet can relate to having a run down Endocrine system. […]

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Can a malfunctioning ileo-cecal valve cause IBS?

Bowel Bits When I first introduce myself and my line of work I usually get strange looks. Firstly because people don’t know what I do - Systematic Kinesiology is virtually unknown in this country, my Dad checked the English dictionary and its not even in there! Secondly I specialise in bowels. That always [...]

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Painkillers Cause Headaches – Finding Another Way

Could painkillers be the cause of the biggest hangover? “Now the drugs don’t work, they just make you worse” Well the Verve could be right. NICE have revealed today that ‘common painkillers such as aspirin, paracetamol and triptans could actually be the cause of the headaches’ rather than relieving them. […]

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No Pain, No Gain – A Kinesiology Bad Back Solution

“I have no problem with a jaw massage ma’am, I’m tough” When I first met my partner he didn’t know how much his life was going to change. He never imagined that I would move in with 4 million shoes and totally take over his spare room, he didn’t plan on fitting a special drinking water filter in the kitchen and he certainly didn’t know how many supplements he would be eating on a daily basis. “A Kinesiologist? Whats that then” he asked politely on our first date. “Well it’s a bit like seeing a Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Acupuncturist and Counsellor all rolled into one” I explained. He seemed impressed, but then I was wearing a rather low cut top. […]

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Healthy Food Recommendations

Here at Balanced Wellness we recommend Fresh clean filtered water Herbal teas, no caffeine including black tea or coffee Salads in the summers, warm cooked crunchy vegetables in the winter Seasonal vegetables and fruits where possible Organic where possible Brown rice – short grain is excellent for soothing the digestion Wheat free pasta Nuts and [...]

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Sugar Alternatives

Diabetes and obesity is on the increase thanks to the excess sugar in our diets. Sugar can be found in Processed foods Cakes Biscuits Puddings Sweets Chocolate Icecream Desserts Fizzy drinks Alcohol Effects on the body include Raises insulin levels – can cause diabetes, hyperglycaemia Increases body fat and cholesterol Decreased overall energy Creates bad bacteria in [...]

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Dairy Alternatives

Many people are becoming intolerant to cows dairy. Cows dairy can be found in Milk (skimmed, semi skimmed, full fat) Cheese (cheddar, blue, etc) Butter Cream (single, double etc) Cottage cheese Yogurt Effects on the body can include Mucus forming Immune compromising Milk is designed to feed a calf until it is weaned. Then [...]

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Wheat Alternatives

Many people are becoming intolerant to wheat due to recent modification of the grain that has increased the gluten content. Wheat can be found in Bread (brown, white and wholemeal) Cereals Pasta Couscous Cakes Effects on the body include absorption block of vital vitamins and minerals bloating and digestive problems energy drain If you are [...]

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Beetroot and Sweet Potato Soup

Rich in beta carotene, this soup is a wonderful deep purple colour and has a sweet taste to it. Experiment with the recipe by adding different types of root vegetables and different herbs and spices. Its very versatile! 1 red onion, peeled and diced (carb) garlic clove, peeled and sliced (carb) 1 large sweet potato (carb) 2 raw [...]

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Fish Stew

This is so easy to make, delicious and relatively healthy. Serve with organic short grain brown rice and some organic green veggies. olive oil 2 garlic cloves , sliced a small fennel bulb , halved and chopped a pinch dried chilli flakes 1 tsp paprika 150ml white wine 1 x 400g tin plum tomatoes 300ml chicken [...]

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Dairy Free Strawberry Pudding

Free from naughtiness, really easy and totally delicious! A packet of cashews (or almonds if you are blood group O) A punnet of strawberries (can be swapped or added with any berry fruit) 1 banana Chuck everything in a blender, if you would like it sweeter add agave nectar – its like angel delight!

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Quinoa Superfood Salad

1 cup of quinoa 1 sweet potato 5-10 asparagus spears Handful of kale handful of chopped dried apricots or dried fruit ½ cup diced feta cheese (optional) Handful of toasted pine nuts Olive oil Freshly squeezed lemon Salt and pepper to taste Cook the quinoa in double the amount of water until the water is [...]

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Redefining Great Sex

Laura Knowles circa 1992 I am a teenager of the 90s. I have the photos of bad perms, red lipstick, waistcoats and enormous glasses to prove it. Aged 13 I was a cross between Deidre Barlow and Napoleon Dynamite much to my friends and family’s amusement. I grew up with New Kids on the Block, a Nintendo GameBoy and rubbish Australian Soap Operas. I also grew up with girl’s mags such as Just 17 and More. I remember being quite into More Magazine mainly because of the rude bit at the back. Position of the Fortnight and Sex Tips kept me rather entertained (even though at 15 the only way I spiced up my bedroom was putting up a new poster of Christian Slater.) This was my first introduction to sex and it was the closest thing I had to a ‘how to’ guide. I read it religiously. Fast forward 18 years, a load of failed relationships and a divorce, it’s only now that I’m finally starting to understand the true power of sex. […]

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‘We Three Witches’ – The Power of the Women’s Circle

To be a witch you need really good hair and a banana Claire, her daughter and I are in Sweden on a bit of a jolly. We’ve come over to a tiny little island called Branno with no cars and a population of 800 residents to visit our friend. Louisa had an emotional shift a few months ago which she was unsure how to deal with and therefore we, her women, booked a flight and came over. We’re a bit like the A-Team. […]

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Doctrine of Signatures – Vegetables That Look Like The Parts They Heal

Nature is trying to show us something I’m struggling. I can’t do it. I have started so many blog posts today and have finished none of them. What is wrong with me? My nearest and dearest could probably provide a good explanation, life has some what turned upside in the last few weeks. But putting my personal life aside, I still need to run a business, see clients and write entertaining blogs. So here we go. I’m going to stop trying to force and just go with the flow. Do you know what I really fancy writing about? How vegetables look like our bits. […]

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Throwing a Wobbly – Is Anger Good For Our Health?

My reaction to the Twitter Bush Haters yesterday I was so angry yesterday. I watched ‘This Morning’ and the fantastic interview with Emer O’Toole discussing a topic very dear to my heart – To shave or not to shave, a women’s decision to grow her own body hair. After the feature I witnessed the most ridiculously negative onslaught at this gorgeous woman via social media. It was like the UK had turned into a bunch of pitchfork-welding villagers. I was waiting for someone to start chanting ‘burn her’ like some crazy Monty Python sketch. Seriously I was livid… over a bit of body fluff. […]

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Spring Cleaning – 8 Ways To Detox

Colonic therapy anyone? Spring has sprung. Oh sun in the sky, blossom on the trees, you know how I feel. Forget the ‘after Christmas bloats’ in January – Spring is the perfect time to cleanse ourselves and have a good detox. […]

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Sunny D – The UK’s Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D just feels sooooo good I am solar powered. I know I am. The sun came out the other day and I ditched my mountain of work, sprawled out on a blanket in just my pants and enjoyed it. Heaven. Spring is coming and I am so ready for it. The sun makes me feel energised, light and happy and it’s magic Vitamin D that I have to thank. […]

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Sleeping Tight – Overcoming Sleep Problems

I don’t want to sleep, I want to dance and sing on top of a mountain! I can’t sleep. Claire, my business partner, can’t sleep. I’m waiting for the time when we call each other at 3 in the morning for a chat. You see our beloved business has taken on a new direction and new energy and we’re just way too excited to sleep. Whirling minds, a rather large to-do list and a brand new clinic are keeping us awake in the small hours and creating lovely bags under our eyes. Always a good look for a pair of health professionals. […]

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The Club Drug Cure – Ketamine Treats Depression

do I need drugs? I read something crazy this weekend. Doctors have made an incredible discovery – apparently Special K cures depression! No not the Kelloggs cereal. Special K is a nickname for Ketamine, the general anesthetic and recreational hallucinogenic common on the drug scene. The researchers at the Ben Taub General Hospital in Houston Texas have discovered that Ketamine produces rapid relief for severely depressed patients. Well yes I bet it does. Ketamine is an anesthetic – its designed to numb the body and mind. Ketamine users describe the experience ‘as if the mind and body have been separated’ – does this sound like a cure for depression? Detaching from reality? What happens when the drug wears off? Back to square one. I understand that for someone on suicide-watch Ketamine could be a potential life saver. But what really worries me is if Ketamine becomes a regular ‘treatment’ for depression. And this could happen. Researchers said that if the initial clinical trial is successful, they will begin to test long-term effects, and if all studies yield successful results, it will be approved for use. If researchers would like to know the long term effects of Ketamine use, all they need to do is to look at the users on the recreational drug scene. Since Special K became popular there has been a sharp increase in young adults suffering from ‘Ketamine Bladder Syndrome’. Ketamine causes the bladder to shrink and it permanently damages the kidneys and ureter. I have read stories of 20 year olds having their entire bladders removed from Ketamine abuse. So this Ketamine cure for depression involves bladder rot. Nice. […]

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“Someday my Prince will Come” – The Disney Delusion and Relationships

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom there lived a blonde princess with an out of tune voice and a happy go lucky attitude who dreamed someday her Prince would come to rescue her. 32 years and a divorce later she’s having second thoughts. […]

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The Booby Trap – Breast Protection and Parabens in Deodorant

i’m not a fan of wearing deodorant… or clothes for that matter Aren’t breasts wonderful? I mean really. Boobies. Babylons. Bazongas. Breasticles. Baps. They, and all the ridiculously creative words used to describe them, simply are the best. Curvy, round, splendid parts of our bodies that symbolise womanhood, motherhood and sexuality. I salute you. I felt the time was right to discuss our wondrous mammary hillocks (I discovered that phrase in an erotic fiction once and never forgot it) thanks to an interesting piece of research I saw today. Also a blog post that has the words boobies in it apparently gets more readers, I wonder if that’s true… Anyway the researchers at the University of Reading have been studying breasts and in particular breast cancer and have found traces of parabens in the tissue of tumours. Parabens are chemical preservatives used by the cosmetic and toiletry industry in all of our favourite products from face creams, make-up, perfumes to shampoos and deodorants. […]

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Surviving January – Six top tips to beat the January blues

I’m not going out in that hoolie I feel like a big lump of lard. This should not be happening. I am a fabulous Kinesiologist, Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher. Surely fit and healthy, spiritually evolved people (ahem) don’t feel like giant lumps? Well apparently they do when they completely let go over the Christmas holidays, ignore all their nutrition knowledge and eat double their body weight in cheese, biscuits and Cadburys Roses. Sigh. And here it is. January. The month sent to punish us for our chocolate sins. When the weather is blowing a hoolie, New Years resolutions are making us miserable, the detox has begun and we’re back at work. What a bummer. Okay so how can we cheer ourselves up? Here are my six top tips for surviving January… […]

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Skin Deep – Healing Psoriasis

And I’m ready to leave the house I’ve always been a bit scabby if I’m honest. Puberty kicked in at 13 and so did a face full of spots and a delightfully embarrassing flaky scalp. Head and Shoulders didn’t shift it, Medicated Tar Shampoo that stank to high heaven didn’t shift it, throwing a huge tantrum before school definitely didn’t shift it and much to my dismay moving out of my terrible teens and into my 20s didn’t shift it either. I’ve spent years brushing off my shoulders, avoiding black tops and spending a fortune on a rather glamorous hat collection. (it wasn’t all bad.) So it is with ridiculous joy that I hear my faithful hairdresser say to me today ‘your scalp is as clear as whistle’. I love my hairdresser. He has been with me 7 good years. Its one of the longest and most committed relationships I’ve ever been in. I would never cheat on him. I even trek up to London to see him and that’s a biggy cause the London transport system and I do NOT get on. I trust Craig with my hair. This is equivalent to saying I trust him with my life. A womans hair is her crown and I now wear mine with pride. Yes Craigs dedication and care is partly responsible but so are the changes I’ve made in my life. […]

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Stress Heads – Managing Stress

my usual stress response I’m sat in bed stewing over my stressed pregnant friend. A brave, clever, dynamic woman who is risking it all to set up a business and invest everything she has financially and emotionally to make it happen. We speak almost daily, we talk about pretty much everything – business, food, sex, Christmas trees, the important stuff. And each day I hear her cramming work in to the few precious hours she has before the babysitter goes home and mothering duties take over. And I hear her ridiculously high stress levels, I hear her worry, the constant planning and analysing, I hear the exhaustion and I feel powerless to do anything about it. […]

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The Perfect Pregnancy – Naturally Supporting Mother and Child

snug as a bug in a funny coloured rug I am an aunty. On 14th October 2011 my baby sister had a baby. He’s a gorgeous little man and I’m totally smitten.   When my sister told me she was pregnant in February I offered my skills as a nutritionist to help her stay healthy. I am ridiculously passionate about supporting the body during pregnancy. It’s got a huge job to do. The woman’s body is actually producing another person! This miracle never fails to amaze me. The body is incredibly clever and will prioritise during pregnancy. It will put the baby first before the mother so often deficient mothers will suffer with health problems during and after pregnancy whilst the child remains healthy. […]

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Green Issues – the Importance of Eating your Greens

I was invited round for dinner by some gorgeous friends of mine this week. They have a regular dinner club and I’m feeling rather privileged to make the cut and join them. As always I get the question ‘what do you eat?’ Hmm, good question. Over the last 20 years I have had some weird and wonderful eating habits. In my teens I was a so called vegetarian eating nothing but cheese. When I discovered the wonderful world of nutrition I became incredibly strict cutting out pretty much everything except brown rice and vegetables, then I became a raw foodist, a vegetable juicer, a blood group dieter, a pescatarian, I’ve cut out wheat, dairy, sugar, processed food, you name it I’ve tried it. […]

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‘Mess? What mess?’ The Issue of Avoidance and Denial

  How I picture myself in my bedroomI woke up this morning surrounded by mess. Clothes on the floor, overflowing boxes stacked by the wall, half packed suitcases everywhere. Who would have thought I owned so much stuff. I’m moving house next week, giving up my little rented flat in Haslemere to move back to Portsmouth to be closer to the clinic. I lay in bed ignoring the mess. If I ignore it maybe it’ll go away. […]

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I Love Log – Bowel Support

hmm, this log needs some flaxseed oil I love a good log. I love chocolate logs, I love tree logs, I love Startrek captains logs. But most of all I love a good bowel log. Its the holy grail of health. The first question I ask my clients in clinic, how are your bowel movements. I usually get the answer ‘normal’. Always worrying. Normal in this country is once a week. Ouch. What I’m looking for from a healthy bowel is every time food goes in, food comes out. So if you’re eating 3 meals a day you should be logging 3 times a day. And when I say logging I mean a good brown solid log. Not rabbit droppings (sounds like a grumbly liver) or cracked and broken (dehydration or maybe lack of oils) I’m smiling to myself whilst writing this. It amazes me how happy I am writing about poo. […]

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Tis the Sneezon – Supporting the Immune System through Autumn

tis the sneezon to be snotty I’m car-less at the moment. This is a personal disaster on many levels. I get stranded at houses and need frequent rescuing. I’m relying on the kindness of friends and family to give me lifts making me feel like an inconvenient teenager. But worst of all, I’m back on public transport. I say ‘back’ because for 5 years I was a London dweller and train timetables, tube maps and standing in peoples armpits were part of my daily routine. I didn’t mind, I was in my 20s, I had other things to worry about such as how i was going to afford yet another new dress from Oliver Bonas. But I haven’t been on public transport in 18 months and I’m all out of practice. […]

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An Apron Dream – Good Nutrition for Children

this is how I picture my child I know what kind of parent I’m going to be. I have it all planned out. I will be one of those idyllic mothers who sings in the kitchen, wears aprons even when she’s not baking, is never too busy to play with lego and reads stories like they do on cbeebies. And most of all i will feed my children healthy, nutritious food, full of multi coloured vegetables, homemade soups and steamed fish. Sigh. I have not let the fact that I am an incredibly busy self-employed woman who can’t sing for toffee and doesn’t even own an apron get in the way of this wondrous image I have created. Until today. Today I have spent the afternoon watching the tortured face of my friend try to feed lunch to her very gorgeous, very wilful 18month old girl. She starts with meat balls. These are picked up, smeared across the table and then dumped on the floor. One made it into the mouth and stayed there for about 20 mins. Then there are the peas which are flatly ignored. Then yogurt. The spoon is pushed away again and again until the little mouth gives in and some strawberry goo makes it in and sits with the half chewed meat ball. My friend looks at me and pleads ‘how do I get her to eat well?!’ […]

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