Author: Louisa

[caption id="attachment_2325" align="aligncenter" width="425"] Protected Sex as taught by 'The Naked Gun'[/caption] Written by Louisa at Freedom451 author of The Husband Swap Shockingly for once in a blog, I'm not talking about my own preferences. Whether I do or don't like condoms is neither here nor there since I have an IUD (two babies is enough, thank you very much). Nor - equally shockingly - am I talking about a man. We've all heard the excuses - 'It doesn't fit'. 'It's less sensitive'. 'It ruins the moment'. and if he's really - ahem – cocky, ''They haven't made one big enough to fit me yet.' No, I'm talking about a very good friend in her 30s, who is highly educated about the dos and don'ts of sex...but who isn't using a condom. I’m talking about her and about us. Women.