5 signs your HRT isn’t working for you

Navigating menopause can be a minefield. Many women are determined to go the “natural” route but end up with such life limiting symptoms they find themselves in front of their GP being given HRT. Here we discuss the main 5 signs that your HRT isn’t working for you. For some, HRT is a life saver. For others however it is just a continuation of the misery that led them to [...]

August 2nd, 2020|Categories: Wellness|0 Comments

Why are blood sugars so important with Covid-19?

There are some fascinating discoveries with Covid-19 and the importance of blood sugars which I have been following closely in the news. Having spent 10 years in clinic observing blood sugar instability and immune system function, I want to share with you the connections I have made in relation to Covid-19. Firstly, what are our blood sugars? This is a big focus of our work within the clinics and [...]

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What supplements?

Our clients are asking us what supplements are best to take at the moment. In clinic, we use muscle testing to identify the best supplement for each person as everyone is different with different backgrounds and symptoms. However, there are a few go to daily essentials that we would recommend for most people. Have a look at the list below and choose your supplements based on what you need support [...]

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