What supplements?

Our clients are asking us what supplements are best to take at the moment. In clinic, we use muscle testing to identify the best supplement for each person as everyone is different with different backgrounds and symptoms. However, there are a few go to daily essentials that we would recommend for most people. Have a look at the list below and choose your supplements based on what you need support [...]

Covid-19 Health and Emotions

Covid-19 Health Advice and Emotional Coaching Support During the Covid-19 pandemic, Claire and Laura created a number of videos on key health and emotional topics to offer support and health advice to our clients and viewers.

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Toxic Relationship

Is my Relationship Toxic?

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Immune System

How Structural Imbalances Affect Our Immune System

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Supporting the Immune System during the Coronavirus

We wanted to blog about the Coronavirus and share the recommendations we are giving our clients to support themselves and their health during this time. In Kinesiology, we approach the body in 4 ways. Physically Nutritionally Emotionally Electrically Supporting the Immune System Physically Thymus support: Rub or tap the Angle of Louis (see picture above) which is the location of the thymus gland and is important in promoting the [...]

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How we work with HPA axis disregulation

HPA Axis Dysregulation is currently considered a non medical condition. Functional practitioners often work with HPA Axis Dysregulation when clients have been repeatedly to the Drs and have had “normal” test results but still feel unwell. What are the symptoms? Insomnia Weight Gain Weight Loss Pervasive Tiredness Muscle pain Headaches Dizziness upon standing Increased heart rate Appetite changes Bowel/stool changes Abdominal pain Depression Apathy Difficulty concentrating Difficulty with [...]

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