shes on a quest to enlighten women about poo and pubes

shes on a quest to enlighten women about poo and pubes

I’m in love with Cameron Diaz.

Not only has the woman gone public about pubic hair but she’s now on American talk shows discussing hydration and healthy bowels!

In this wonderful piece of footage her and the presenter are discussing what a healthy log needs to look like. Check it out.

To help the medical profession understand our bowel movements better, the Bristol Stool Scale was developed. And we can borrow it to get up close and personal with our own poop to understand whats going on with our health.


  1. If you have type one and are constipated with rabbit dropping poop, you are probably dehydrated or lacking in oils. Up your intake of water to 2 litres a day (this doesn’t include builders tea or coffee) or take an Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) supplement such as fish oil or flaxseed oil.
  2. If you have type two poo, this is also constipation as the stool has been in the colon too long. These bowels need good quality fibre – grains, fruit and vegetables.
  3. Type three indicates lack of oils because of the cracks. The bowels need lube so add more EFAs into your diet.
  4. Type four – lovely log, lovely, healthy, happy bowels
  5. Type five – this is not too bad but ideally you want to add more fibre to give your poo structure
  6. Type six is loose stools and suggests a hyperactive colon. This can be a reaction to stress or eating poorly so reducing stress and reviewing the diet would be needed
  7. Type seven is diarrhoea. This can be partnered with constipation when the bowel is so compacted the only thing it can release is watery stools. These stools can be a symptom of IBS  and be quite painful. I would recommend seeing a health practitioner or contacting the IBS Service to investigate further.