5 Supplements to Support IBS

  If you are experiencing IBS you may find you can really benefit from a clean diet that is full of whole foods and excludes processed foods and common sensitisers. However, you may also really benefit from giving your irritable bowels some extra support with supplementing. To discover the exact supplements that will be beneficial [...]

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How To Improve Your Gut Microbiome In 10 Steps

How to improve your gut microbiome in 10 steps Cut out processed food and refined carbohydrates – these foods cause the bacteria in our gut to produce endotoxins. Research shows endotoxins lead to inflammation, weight gain and even depression Follow the microbiome diet – this specific diet removes toxins from the bowel and creates the [...]

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Monkfish Paella

I spend as much time as I able to each year visiting my parents who live in Spain. One of the things I love to do when there is go out for Sunday lunch and watch three generations of Spanish families gather around large tables to share enormous dishes of Paella. Think of it as [...]

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