Supporting the Immune System during the Coronavirus

We wanted to blog about the Coronavirus and share the recommendations we are giving our clients to support themselves and their health during this time. In Kinesiology, we approach the body in 4 ways. Physically Nutritionally Emotionally Electrically Supporting the Immune System Physically Thymus support: Rub or tap the Angle of Louis (see picture above) [...]

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Is Coffee Bad for Me?

Do you wake up craving that first cup of coffee? Today we are talking about new research that suggests certain chemicals that can only be found in coffee are actually rather beneficial.  Fresh ground coffee contains a large dose of antioxidants as well as polyphenals that apparently could reduce the risk of stroke, and even repair [...]

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How To Be Healthy At Work

Do you find yourself sitting at your desk glued to your work computer for hours at a time? Or do you hear yourself saying I just don't have time to stop? Join Claire and Laura as they unlock the key to being healthy in the workplace.

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Top Tips For Manifestation

Do you want to learn more about the meaning of Manifestation and how to take charge of your life?  If you want to truly create the world around you and engage with the Universal Law of Attraction then download and listen to Claire and Laura share their experiences with you now.

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Dealing with Headaches

Claire and Laura deal with the painful subject of headaches.  Dehydration can be a key factor.  Other issues can be tension, structural imbalances in the jaw and blocked bowels.  Listen to their recommendations and suggestions on how to avoid headaches and to live a pain free life.

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Loving Your Vagina

Please join Claire and Laura today as they discuss how to learn to love your vagina. Are you embarrassed to say vagina out loud? Do you feel disconnected both emotionally and physically from your vagina? Then this podcast is for you.

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How To Stop Self Sabotage

Claire and Laura discuss how we often sabotage our own efforts. Is it a fear of failure?  A lack of confidence? Do we allow ourselves to get distracted by other things?   Do you hear yourself saying 'I cant do this', 'I'm too busy'? Claire & Laura share some key tips on how to avoid [...]

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A New Perspective on Weight

Claire and Laura discuss our relationship with our  bodies and the daily challenges we face, they encourage us to focus on health rather than just the calories we consume and provide some useful tools if you want to lose weight in a healthy way including the Balanced Wellness Healthy Starter Pack detox.

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Consciously Healthy

In today's Podcast Claire and Laura share with us a little about their journeys to becoming consciously healthy and how they want to share with you their wealth of experience. Including matters on diet, nutrition, supplementation, health, exercise and emotional growth so that you can be consciously healthy too.

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How to Process Resentment

Do you have trouble expressing your anger or needs? Do you allow your boundaries to be railroaded and do things you don’t want to do? Claire and Laura discuss why it is important to deal with resentment and how to process this emotion.

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How to Balance Blood Sugars

If you suffer from the highs and lows of unstable blood sugars then this Podcast is for you. Claire and Laura delve into the different conditions brought on by imbalanced blood sugars and provide really useful dietary recommendations to help with blood sugar stabilisation.  

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How to Spot an Abusive Relationship

Consciously Healthy’s Claire and Laura are talking over the difficult topic of how to spot an abusive relationship. They share in today’s Podcast the differing types of abuse and how to become aware of patterns in our behaviour and how to change these without being confrontational.

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Step 6 – Move Your Body

Step 6 - We all know that there are well documented reasons that moving your body is good for you. In this podcast Claire and Laura share a different perspective as Health Practitioners on how the type of exercise you choose is just as important.

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Step 4 – Stop Distracting You

Step 4 - Stop Distracting You- Do you find yourself using distraction as a numbing technique to avoid dealing with your feelings? Maybe through shopping, food, or addiction, rather than working through the emotion. Today Claire and Laura consider how to nourish ourselves in other ways.

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Podcast Introduction

Introduction Welcome to Consciously Healthy from Balanced Wellness. We are thrilled to be offering you regular tips and recommendations to support you on your journey to living a consciously healthy and fulfilled life.

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