Children’s Digestive Issues and Kinesiology

Children’s Digestive Issues and Kinesiology

Here is the case of a 5 year old boy with what we call ‘swinging bowels’ ie he would be constipated for upto a week at a time alternating with diarrhea that resulted in him having to wear nappies to school.  He had been referred to a paediatrician due to concerns over his size as he was both under height and underweight for his age.   He often refused to eat complaining of tummy ache, was pale in colour, had low energy levels and craved sugar all the time, trouble sleeping at night and getting up in the mornings, and was generally rather miserable.

How many sessions:  5 over a 6 month period.

What I did in the clinic:  All testing was done using his mother as a surrogate.  I worked in stages to peel away the layers; first some gentle work to strengthen his digestion and address a parasite imbalance, then some emotional work related to his mother having miscarried prior to conceiving him, and as he grew stronger I did deeper digestive work using a technique to correct his malfunctioning ICV (ileocecal valve).  I also referred him back to his doctor to confirm my tests that his iron levels were low for which he needed a prescription.

What his mother did:  Removed wheat,  milk and sugar from his diet and increased his intake of water.  She also got him into the habit of placing a stool under his feet while on the toilet to raise his knees and help bowel evacuation when constipated.

What supplements he took:  Minerals, Black Walnut, Fenugreek & Thyme, Carotenoid Blend, High Potency Grapine.

What Mum said: “We thought that our son’s temperament, bad sleeping habits and refusal to eat were down to his age and he would grow out of it.  For 2 ½ years he was prescribed different medicines by our doctor and a specialist to help with his constipation and diarrhea  which either had a detrimental effect or little benefit. He continued to be underweight and height for his age and had a lot of stomach pain. Within a week of his first Kinesiology session he was a different child.   He was given the Headmasters award at school in recognition of the huge change in his behaviour and he was a lot happier at home. I would recommend Kinesiology to anyone as after three years of trying a number of options, this has been the only successful one” 

Practitioner name: Sam Mill.   Client gender: Male