Life By Chocolate Cake

Life By Chocolate Cake

choc cake

Could this be the best chocolate cake ever? We think so. Dark, moist and delicious with no wheat or dairy.


  • 2 Aubergines
  • 300g Dark Organic Chocolate
  • 50g Cocoa Powder
  • 60g Ground Almonds
  • 200g Clear Honey
  • 2tsp Baking Powder
  • 1/4 tsp Salt
  • 3 Eggs


  1. Boil aubergines for 5 minutes, skin them and puree
  2. Add chocolate, stir until melted
  3. In a large bowl whisk together all the other ingredients until slightly bubbly
  4. Fold in the melted chocolate and aubergine in the large bowl with the other ingredients. Whisk everything together
  5. Pour mixture into a baking tin with parchment paper
  6. Oven on 180 degrees for 30 minutes
  7. Remove cake let it cool for 15 minutes
  8. Enjoy