Claire Snowdon-Darling


First appointment 90 mins £150
Follow up appointments 50 mins £100



Claire is the visionary founder of Balanced Wellness. Having been involved in alternative health since 1993 Claire is an expert with a vast amount of knowledge and experience and has helped literally thousands of people to achieve their goals.

The clients who benefit the most from seeing Claire are those with complicated and difficult cases who have struggled to find the solutions to their conditions both physically and emotionally.

Having taught Kinesiology from foundation to advanced levels since 2009, Claire is the head of The College Of Functional Wellness as the creator of both Functional Kinesiology and Holding Space training pathways.

Claire is an inspirational speaker and often gives talks on nutrition, emotion and health, both in the UK and internationally.

Claire is holds a Diploma in Systematic Kinesiology (Dip.Ask), Diploma in Diet and Nutrition (Dip.Nutr), Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology and certification in Further Counselling skills.

Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training
Kinesiology Federation (AKFRP)
First Aid at Work certification
Public Liability Insurance with Balens
CNHC Registered

“I am so grateful I met Claire Snowdon-Darling. She has helped me to heal from a completely debilitating condition that no-one else could treat. I gained more in that first 90 mins than in many months of seeing Harley Street’s finest.” Caroline, London

“Claire absolutely saved my life! Between adrenal crash and menopause, I was a mess. Claire brought me back from the brink and has kept me healthy, vibrant and alive ever since. Cannot recommend her highly enough!” Rebecca, London