Client Success

I am so grateful I met Claire Snowdon-Darling. She has helped me to heal from a completely debilitating condition that no-one else could treat.I gained more in that first 90 mins than in many months of seeing Harley Street’s finest. Caroline, London

Having been told by my doctor that I had cholesterol of over 8 I went to see Claire, who worked with me to bring about some changes in my diet and additional nutrition. After four weeks I was re tested by the doctor and my cholesterol had halved, I am amazed and thrilled. Thank you. Dee, Hampshire

Kinesiology has transformed my health, not just the process itself but also learning more about my condition and how to manage it nutritionally and emotionally. I would recommend Claire and the process of Kinesiology with all my heart. Louise, Emsworth

Claire absolutely saved my life! Between adrenal crash and menopause, I was a mess. Claire brought me back from the brink and has kept me healthy, vibrant and alive ever since. Cannot recommend her highly enough! Rebecca, London

Through working with Laura over the last few months we have achieved so much.  I sleep so much better than I did, I no longer wake up several times a night.  I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma which has improved significantly through a procedure that Laura performed.  My digestion was poor and we have worked to improve that as well.  Most of all I feel really good, my energy levels are much improved, I don’t stress as much. I would highly recommend Laura and have done so to several of my clients. Clare, Horndean

I found my ability to relax became increasingly easier as the weeks passed.  After three visits to Laura the panic attacks had stopped and I emerged as a woman with control of herself and no longer the victim of her fears. I feel strongly enough about the treatment I have received to recommend that if you have any ailments, mental or physical, that you go for Balanced Wellness. Louise, Hampshire

I don’t have words for how life changing finding Laura has been! Laura has helped me in so many aspects of my life and I am a completely different person now from when I first saw her. She has helped improve my digestion, sleep, anxiety, stress and much much more. I thoroughly enjoy my appointments and always leave feeling uplifted, positive and motivated. I really cannot recommend her enough! Emma, Southampton

Before going to see Laura, I had tested multiple diets, countless trips to my local GP and many hospital visits. Laura finally gave me the answers I was looking for. Laura has given me a clear path and demonstrated the true value of understanding my physical wellbeing and my mental wellbeing. I owe Laura a lot for all the work she has done, understanding my needs and translating my progression into something tangible, guiding me towards a happier and healthier life and all of this with a genuine desire to help; I would highly recommend without the slightest hesitation. Nathan, Emsworth

There are no words to explain how much this clinic has changed my life. Very much in the middle of my journey at the moment but I can’t begin to explain how kinesiology and wonderful Laura is helping me to help myself as I travel through. Just the most amazing service 💕 Thank you! I recommend it to everyone! Steph, Portsmouth

I have been seeing Tracey on a regular basis for at least 6 months now. I train regularly at the gym and I am a keen runner. Tracey is fantastic – I am now injury free! Tracey also combines her Kinesiology skills with corrective massage which works on my body, stress, menopause and general wellbeing. I truly feel a different person after seeing her. Jackie, Portsmouth

I have the most amazing corrective body massages from Tracey. She helps sort out all my aches and pains – so much more than just a massage. I strongly recommend her if you need a proper sort out. Charlotte, Portsmouth 

I am an osteoarthritis sufferer with not much flexibility, after one visit with Tracey I could feel the benefit straight away. Yes she has got hands of steel and I am quite sore today but everyone has noticed my old lady waddle has disappeared and I feel really good today! Sharon, Portsmouth

I feel like you have smoothed out every knot and tight muscle in my neck and back! Amazing! A very thorough sports massage mixed with kinesiology and wellbeing techniques! A very clever practitioner with all sorts of techniques up her sleeve! Jonelle, Havant