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Clinic appointments

This option is ideal for you if you

  • Would prefer to see a practitioner face to face
  • Would like to have Kinesiology
  • Would like to explore all angles with your health including structural / physical issues

What to expect in your first appointment


Your practitioner will be looking at your diet and nutrition intake and making recommendations on dietary improvements    based on the latest scientific research.


Your practitioner has a toolbox of physical and structural techniques designed to realign your posture so organs can work more effectively as well as relieving pain you may feel in your body.


Your practitioner is trained to ‘hold space’ for any human emotion you are experiencing. We understand that it takes time to build trust with a practitioner but when you feel comfortable, we are able to help you with your emotional process.


Functional Kinesiology uses the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Your practitioner will be identifying meridian imbalances in your body and using gentle techniques to balance your acupuncture meridians and reduce stress.

Next steps for your first clinic session

1. Choose the best practitioner for you
2. Book and pay for your first appointment here
3. Email your practitioner and inform them that you have booked and paid for an in clinic session.
4. Your practitioner will send a link to a website with more information and a form to complete.