Corporate Wellness

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What We Offer

We offer talks, courses & health consultancy to inspire employees, increase performance and reduce absenteeism.

Balanced Wellness are the UK’s leading experts in stress issues with clinics around the South Coast.

Our clinical knowledge and experience has been used widely by companies both large and small to tackle the issues of staff stress and sickness but also to improve team morale and positivity.

Why choose Balanced Wellness?

We come from professional, corporate backgrounds and occupational health with experiences of working in highly stressed, working environments. We understand the pressures that employees are under and the common symptoms that reoccur due to stress, such as headaches, backaches, anxiety and low immunity.

We are trained wellbeing teachers in our specialist fields of Nutrition, Counselling and Kinesiology. Our health talks are fun and engaging and our health consultations provide staff with the knowledge and tools to take responsibility for their own health.


We offer one to one consultations for 30 minutes or 60 minutes and these give individual advice on symptom management, stress, digestion, hormones and emotional issues such as anxiety. All sessions come with individual diet plans and homework with email support following the consultation.

Talks and Courses

We offer the following talks and courses;

• Identifying warning signs of chronic stress and how to overcome them
• How health management improves energy levels, decision making and productivity
• How to apply easy, every day techniques to improve brain power, energy levels, concentration and better wellbeing
• How to overcome anxiety and emotional difficulties that come up in the workplace
• How to improve digestion through diet and nutrition
• How to balance hormones and blood sugars for optimum health and energy

Absenteeism has reduced significantly and we have seen increases in productivity, motivation and morale. This has helped us to fulfil our responsibility for staff welfare”
Shelley, Human Resource Manager, Hampshire

We are happy to travel across the UK to deliver our corporate wellness services.

To contact us about options, email or call 07969 369792.[/fusion_text]