Corporate Wellbeing Packages

Affordable, SMART, engaging and beneficial to both company and employees.

“Great energy and always gives 110% to everyone and everything they do – a great team to work with and highly experienced teachers to learn from.” Lorraine, NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme at ICS

“I’ve worked with Balanced Wellness for a number of years now. They are experts with issues such as anxiety, stress and hormones. I would highly recommend to anyone personally or any organisations that would benefit from an expert speaker.” Emily Perry, People and Performance Director at The Shore Group

In 2020, a study showed a staggering 79% of employees commonly experience work-related stress. This is 20% higher than 2018’s findings.

Do you work in a business that could benefit with staff support with health, nutrition and stress relief?

We can help.

Corporate Wellbeing Services

Health Assessments

We are able to provide online staff health assessments to identify the areas of their health they could benefit focusing on.

We provide staff satisfaction reports after delivering our corporate wellbeing programmes so you can be confident you are meeting your objectives.

Talks and Courses

Are your staff interested in learning the latest in stress, hormones, digestive and immune health? We offer a broad range of educational talks that can be delivered live, online or pre-recorded and promise to inspire, excite and educate your team.

Health Programmes

Once your staff identify their health focus area, we are able to provide online wellness programmes complete with diet plans, lifestyle recommendations, supplementation advice and informative lectures to empower staff to action health improvements that get results.

Coaching Qualification for HR Professionals

Through our college, we offer an accredited training qualification for HR professionals interested in improving their communication and coaching skills with staff.

Why is Corporate Wellbeing Important?

Supporting Your Staff

Are your staff having to adapt to new working situations or new pressures? Offering them complimentary health support will give them.

Building a Culture of Health

Creating a business that allows health and wellbeing to flourish and building healthy habits in your team which will attract top quality staff who want to stay.

Motivating Better Productivity

Evidence indicates that wellness programmes can reduce the average sick leave by 25 percent.

Reducing Absenteeism

Employees who can manage their stress and are in good health have lower absenteeism.

The Human Resource Challenge

In this interesting talk Claire, Laura and Emily explore the challenges that face HR teams and how to support HR directors / managers as well as the staff they manage.

Is HR Really Responsible For Wellbeing In The Workplace?

Claire and HR and Performance Director Emily Perry from The Shore Group talk about the problem that HR teams have with being untrained to deal with the health and mental health issues they are expected to deal with. They also discuss how businesses can change their training and culture to create more KPI’s around wellbeing instead of having a “fluffy” approach.