What is ‘Global Detoxing’?

What is ‘Global Detoxing’?

Autumn Detox - Logo“Please will you do it with me?  I don’t think I can do it on my own – PLEASE?”

pleaded a woman when I suggested a cleanse to her.  How could I deny her this support?  That’s when the flash of inspiration hit me – how many people would be prepared to cleanse if we did it together?  I sent an email out inviting others to join me and was astounded when over 30 of them responded YES!  And so the concept of group detoxing was born.

During this gentle 10 day programme participants avoid red meat, wheat, dairy, sugar, fried food, tea, coffee and possibly the most challenging for some, alcohol.  Added to this they increase their daily intake of water, fresh fruit and vegetables and take a course of herbal supplements which assist with cleansing the major organs in the body.

 “What CAN I eat?”

Is often the first question I am asked. Unlike some detoxes which greatly reduce your food intake, this one does not leave you hungry.

Being someone who very much lives to eat, I love my food too much to deprive myself, as any fellow Taurean’s out there will be able to relate to!  My partner will be the first person begging me to eat something if he sees the first signs of my blood sugars plummeting and my mood with them!

The emphasis on this programme is about educating participants to eat the right foods, at regular intervals.  That means no skipping meals. Snacks are actively encouraged!  Sound good so far?

I like to see it as an opportunity for people to experiment with some new recipes and try some foods that may have previously seen alien to them.  How do you pronounce Quinoa?!  And what are Chia seeds?  It’s a great way to kick start healthy eating habits.

In many cases, people feel so energised by the end of the 10 days, that they choose to continue with many of the healthy eating habits they have adopted.

Detoxees are guided through the programme via a Facebook forum, on which lifestyle, dietary advice and recipes are posted.  Here they can ask questions and share their experiences with one another, so they are never alone, where ever they are in the world!

I don’t deny that the first couple of days can be a little rough, depending on how healthy your lifestyle usually is.  It is very common for people to experience a headache to one degree or another.  However once you get through the ‘pain barrier’ the worse is usually over by day four, after which you begin to experience the benefits; increased energy, clearer skin, brighter eyes, improved sleep and reduced stress levels.

Here is what some of the participants have to say about their experiences;

 “I woke up on Day four with a clear head, brighter eyes and skin and not feeling tired for the first time in four years!  Thank you Detox Fairy for showing me the light!”  Sally

“I’m on my day 10 and feeling GREAT! Lost a kilogram, have so much energy, great sleep, no drastic sugar lows when I was hungry, discovered delicious new tastes and no less than four people, commented either on my skin or how well I looked! Loved it!” Louise

“Thanks so much for your wonderful guidance again!  My skin feels and looks great, I feel more alert and I’ve lost 6 lbs.  I made your wonderful stir fry a couple of times and love the herb and chickpea salad” Miranda

 Join me, The Detox Fairy on my next Global Group Detox starting 21 October 2013. Details available on Facebook Why Detoxing