The Joy of Detoxing

The Joy of Detoxing


Detoxing on a Monday morning

I found myself dancing around my house this morning.  Not the early hours as some may think but actually first thing this cold wet Monday morning. 

I believe I owe my new found energy to the detox that I am currently on.  I am on day 7 of 28 and weird things are starting to happen.

Having attempted many many (fad) diets over the years I never thought I could go on a detox programme as the only thing I have ever stuck to is my complete devotion and loyalty to chocolate!

I’m currently on the Rejuva detox, it is a Mediterranean eating plan alongside sessions on a miracle machine that breaks down toxins and plaque on the intestinal wall. My food options are limited but I hail this as a bonus as I’ve realised too much choice is contributing to mine and probably many others bad choices.

I have cut out wheat, dairy, caffeine, sugar and salt.  Basically anything that is processed and upping my water in take and eating clean (organic) fruit and vegetables where possible.

I won’t lie, day 3 & 4 were difficult after all of the initial excitement had worn off.  I started to see the furniture take shape of various cakes and I found I was talking and dreaming about food continuously!  This was aided by some herbal tea and a few early nights, which were actually very much needed anyway.

I hit the weekend and I was due to be back and forth to London on my monthly course I am currently undertaking.  I was worrying how I would continue without the safety net of my fridge which was stuffed to the brim with fruit and vegetables ready for any emergency.  However with only a little planning it was quite the opposite, I was bouncing around like a spring chicken feeling more alert and ready to learn, and not one hunger pang.

So here I am Monday morning waiting for the tiredness to kick in and nothing!  I feel great, fantastic!  If anything I bounced out of bed for the first time ever, no stress before the school run, chores have been done in double time and I’m preparing for the week ahead without the fear that I won’t cope and will be exhausted by the end.

I feel as though someone has just lifted a layer of heavy black cloth from me and everything looks a lot clearer.  The thing is we now live in a very toxic world.  Whether its our food, drink, toiletries, environment (both air we breathe and people we choose to have around us).  There is no getting away from toxins anymore we just need to do our best to keep them to a minimum.

Toxins in our body weigh 2.5 times more than fat and get encased by fat cells, our bodies natural defence and protection mechanism. When loosing weight the fat cells break down and release the toxins all around our bodies causing illness and congestion among other things.  It is no wonder while trying to loose weight we can often feel quite unwell and give up very quickly.  The other worrying matter is how well the brain functions with toxins and how many of us battle daily with pain, depression and other neurological problems.

As I said before having a small shopping list of natural food options for me to eat has forced me to become creative with what I am cooking so as to get the best of variety in what I’m eating and also as my taste buds have suddenly woken up to get the best from the flavours!  It surprisingly hasn’t taken anymore time in my day to prepare meals if anything I feel I have so much more time in my day!

I know I’m still just a week in, but I can really see this as my lifestyle change and regular detoxes are going to become part of my life.  Its essentially just going back to basics…… simple!