Diets don’t work!

Diets don’t work!

A friend of mine sent me an email this morning “have you seen Kerry Katona in Heat magazine, she has put on so much weight!” I, like the rest of Britain, have been following the chaotic soap opera that is the ex-Atomic Kittens life and I logged on to take a look.

Six months ago Kerry had a whopping £15,000 worth of surgery to loose 6 stone only to put on two stone a month later. Every woman’s nightmare. Many of the newspapers report what a complete waste of money and they may be right. It seems Kerry was on a strict diet and fitness regime after the surgery to help her slim down to a size 8 but that diet has definitely gone out the window.

I wasn’t surprised to read that around 70 per cent of the adult female population and 30 per cent of all adult males have been on a diet.  And considering that obesity has roughly doubled since the mid-1980s it seems they are all not working.

There are two fundamental problems with diets. Number ones, diets have a time span. Dieters restrict themselves, loose a little weight and then loose a little willpower and simply slip back into their old habits of eating badly. Dieting is hard because people haven’t learned the difference between willpower and commitment to long-term behaviour change. The only people who lose weight and keep it off are those who make permanent changes to their own eating and exercise habits. A Nutritionist  can help stop the cycle of faddy diets and they will put together a realistic food plan for loosing weight.

The second fundamental problem with diets is that many people often eat to help deal with emotional problems, rather than because they’re hungry. Going on a diet can often compound emotional problems and create feelings of restriction, worthlessness and failure. NLP and EFT are effective ways of releasing the behaviour and emotional attachments around food and eating and can offer long term freedom from negative eating patterns.

I want to call Kerry up. I think she has a hard time and I would love to see her stop this self destruction.By dealing with the underlying emotions that are linked with her current binge eating she could beat the monster within. Now where did I put her number…