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Imagine having a community of women who were able to support you no matter what you were going through.

Imagine being able to access a qualified emotional coach in a live online session each night to make sure you feel you can handle whatever life is throwing at you, and to help you on your path to being in your full potential.

Imagine having an online programme to teach you how to have emotional resilience, how to navigate life’s challenges and how to stop stress, anxiety, guilt, low self worth and fear from ruling your life.

Imagine feeling free, confident, supported, heard, and encouraged.

This is the Empowerment Collective.

The Empowerment Collective is an emotional training programme followed by access to daily sharing circles run by trained emotional mentors for your continual development, as well as a supportive community of likeminded individuals.

It has been created to ensure that women across the country get emotional support whenever they need it at a cost that is accessible, not just once a week or once a month but every single day.

Created by Claire Snowdon-Darling and Laura Knowles the founders of Balanced Wellness and The College of Functional Wellness, the concept behind The Empowerment Collective stems from knowing that women are searching for ways to feel more empowered, to be able to let go of guilt and fear and to learn how to radically love themselves.

We know because we were and we wish we had a community like this to tap into instead of having to deal with some of the darkest moments of our lives alone, scared and unsure.

Claire and Laura have both spent over 20 years in deep self work and have been in clinic since 2008 supporting literally thousands of women on their journeys.

The team we work with have also all been on a voyage of self discovery and have qualified as accredited and insured Holding Space Emotional Coaches.
To qualify as one of our coaches they have spent many, many hours sitting in circles, doing 1:1 work and being closely supervised and we uniquely have networks with a variety of specialists such as Domestic Abuse Services, Mental Health Nurses and Consent Counsellors and can steer you to finding specific support if your issue needs it.

How to Join

The Empowerment Collective currently has limited spaces to ensure we can meet the needs of our members. We will be going live with the circles when we have 50 members which is our current limit.

Once you sign up you will be given access to our online Empowerment Programme. A brilliant 10 module online course which teaches you all about emotional work, with a myriad of tools and techniques to launch you on your journey.

Throughout this process you will be supported in an online forum to process any queries, issues or blocks you come across.

Once you have completed the course you will gain access to the live daily circles.

Why can’t I join a circle before I’ve done the online programme?

The beauty of the collective is that we have a shared language, a shared toolkit and a shared knowledge. This means that anyone in the collective is able to offer you support at any time you post not just a coach. This is much more empowering as we are teaching you ultimately how to support yourself.

“Give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime” – Chinese Proverb


“Give a woman emotional support and she will feel better today, teach a woman emotional support techniques and she will elevate herself and all of those around her”- Claire and Laura

These tools are so transferable into other areas of your life including relationships, parenting, social life and work.