Ready to start your path to wellness?

The Symptom Assessor will recommend the best Essential Toolkit to purchase based on your answers. 

These Essential Toolkits have been designed to get the health foundations in place and save you hundreds of pounds with a health practitioner.

In the Essential Toolkits we offer you


  • Tailored diet plan for your target area (determined by the Symptom Assessor)
  • Food intolerances and guidance on foods to avoid
  • Specific supplement and nutrition support
  • Recommended lifestyle changes
  • An overview of how your focus area fits in with the whole picture
  • 3 hours worth of lectures focusing on hormone health
  • One months free access to our Health Group for direct support from us

Everyone is different. Some people will only require one focus area to feel better. Some people will need to go through a process and a number of focus areas in a specific order.  So if your first focus area isn’t the magic bullet to unlocking your health, try the Essential Toolkit bundle which contains all pathways and is designed for clients to do with the symptom assessor each month for a 6-12 month period. Buy the Essential Toolkit bundle here