Frequently Asked Questions


Shall I attend clinic or book a remote session?

Clinic appointments are great if you have physical adjustments you wish to correct. Remote appointments are great if you live away from the south coast of UK or want to save time travelling to see a practitioner.

Shall I book a one to one appointment or a buy a toolkit?

One to one appointments will give you a personal service with the added benefit of physical and Kinesiology corrections (if you attend clinic).

The toolkits include all the information and guidance we give new clients so can be a cost effective way of getting health support.

We recommend buying the toolkit bundle and focusing on the recommendations given to you by the symptom assessor and asking questions to our practitioners in the online forum.

If after 6-12 months you are looking for further support, we then advise booking a one to one with us. This way you will have all the foundations in place.