Welcome to Your First Hormone Wellness Appointment

Welcome to your First Hormone Wellness Appointment

We are delighted you’ve chosen to work with our team of experts at Hormone Wellness (previously Balanced Wellness).

  1. You will be sent an email with your appointment confirmation and the name of your practitioner. In this email will be a link for your video call.
  2. At your allocated time please click on the link and you will see your practitioner on the video call.
  3. After your appointment, you will receive an email from our administrator with details of your recommendations and how to book your next session.


Hormone Tracker

If you have hormone symptoms, you can complete this hormone tracker if it will help you and your appointment. Hormone Tracker.

Please email a copy of your completed hormone tracker to info@hormone-wellness.co.uk who will add it to your file for your coach to review.


What To Expect From Your First Appointment

During your session your practitioner will be asking you detailed questions about specific points in your health history and once they have enough information, they will be making recommendations to support you in your health goals.

These recommendations will include nutrition and food strategies, supplementation, and lifestyle changes. There may also be some education around specific types of hormone therapy for you to further investigate or discuss with your GP. This is your chance to discuss any concerns or blocks you have around these issues so you can get the support you need to make any changes that have been recommended.

It may be recommended that you have some specific testing either using a kinesiology hair test or a lab test. Your practitioner will go through this in depth with you if this is the case and discuss options that are appropriate for you.

Please Watch Before Your First Appointment

Here are important and common clinic models we base our work on which explain our approach to body systems and how we work uniquely with hormones. We recommend watching them before your appointment and bringing any questions to your practitioner.

After Your First Appointment

You will receive an email from our administrator with details of your recommendations including diet advice, how to order any supplements and when you’ve been recommended to rebook. The administrator will help you with that booking and you will be invoiced 7 days ahead of your next appointment.

If you have been referred to another practitioner or any other specific information has been given, this will be in the email.

You will be able to email queries to the administrator between appointments. Please note: They cannot answer specific issues and you may be asked to book a fifteen-minute appointment with your practitioner if the queries are not general.