Go Get It – How To Thrive When Busy

Go Get It – How To Thrive When Busy

When busy ensure you have a good outfit

There is a famous adage “if you want something doing, ask a busy person”. That’s me, busy and always doing stuff. I’m a doer – always have been, always will be, I’ve always got a stack of projects on the go and a few more waiting on the sideline

Not everyone is this way. I had a friend who had to stop her dance class when she was buying a house because it was too overwhelming.

I’m the opposite. A while ago we knocked down our house and I project managed the rebuild whilst running my clinic. At the same time I was teaching, participating in a a massive self development course, kept my network marketing business moving forward, fitted in 3 holidays and a nutrition diploma and found time for my family and a bit of retail therapy.

This is not to say “I’m better than my friend – actually it’s taken an awful lot of work for me to realise that my body has an overwhelm level and I have to listen carefully to it to make sure I’m not going to crash.

What I want to do with this blog is give some guidelines to help those who don’t stop.

So Go Getters, our issue is burn out and adrenal stress and we need to be really careful we don’t get depleted.

  1. It’s important to have a super healthy diet particularly when you are busy. This is not the time to reach for the convenience food, your body needs the good stuff to keep going. Opt for food to be delivered – try Abel and Cole for lovely organic stuff including ready meals.
  2. Don’t use coffee for a lift. Try natural energy boosts like Solstic Energy or coffee alternatives like barley and guarana blends.
  3. Make sure you take supplements.¬†Products like Nutricalm will keep your nervous system chilled out while Energ-v will give you a lift. Try flower remediesElm is for overwhelm and Hornbeam is for the “I’m not coping” feeling.
  4. Make sure you have pampering time. Book massages in if you know you are going to be busy, have a kinesiology balance to help your body work for you and if nothing else have a lovely bubble bath at the end of a busy day. Avoid the wine, have a herbal tea instead, sleep is important if you have a lot to do.
  5. Book in rest time – it’s hugely important.
  6. Delegate. Do YOU have to do the job or can you ask someone else to do it either for payment or a skill swap?
  7. Be organised, stay one step ahead and you won’t get rushed and stressed.

For all you “go slowers” …

  1.  If you get overwhelmed try some of the suggestions above, if its because you just cant get the motivation try Wild Rose Flower Remedy for apathy.
  2. If you feel a lack of confidence, spend some time quietly with your eyes closed focusing on your goals. Believe you can do it, see it feel it, smell it, enjoy it in your mind and you will manifest it. Read The Secret or Mike Dooleys ‘Manifesting Change

Always listen to your body. It will tell you when it’s had enough. If you aren’t good at that yet use external signs as a mirror such as your children or partners being clingy – that’s a definite sign your work-life balance is off.

The best gauge is whether you are having fun. If not – take a break.