Antibiotic – heal or hell? – Does medication heal or harm the body?

Antibiotic – heal or hell? – Does medication heal or harm the body?

Muffet, spider and protein shake

oh my, you’re bigger than my head!

Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet ingesting her non-whey protein shake. Along came a spider and bit her on the boob.

I am Miss Muffet and this is my story…

So apparently we have biting spiders in the UK. They are stowing away on bananas and grapes from far off isles and then falling in love with our English spiders and making mean biting love child baby spiders with poor dental hygiene.

In August I unfortunately got bitten by said spider and ended up with a septic walnut sized abscess and flu like symptoms. I dealt with it the same way any sane hardcore “natural medicine” guru would and went running to the doctors for some nuclear strength antibiotics to stop my boob going gangrenous.
Two types of strong antibiotics and a few weeks later my abscess had gone and I was filled with joy but quickly noticed I wasn’t feeling much better.
I haven’t had antibiotics for 4 years so I had taken necessary precautions I’d taken zinc, vitamin C, bifidophilus and antioxidants combined with green juicing but the Hiroshima-style effect of the drugs was far reaching.
My stomach and small intestine have been in knots ever since and I’ve had headaches, low energy, poor immunity and felt rundown.

Luckily I have a trusted Kinesiology business partner so I’ve been fighting back but its made me ask the following question.
How much devastation did the antibiotics create whilst fixing the infection? And how bad do people who are on antibiotics feel or is the body such an amazing buffer do they not notice? I was protecting myself nutritionally but most people don’t so what are the ramifications for their bodies?

I know antibiotics save lives I watched my dad be saved from a rare and horrific form of sepsis from 6 weeks of strong IV antibiotics and for this they are miraculous. However what seems really clear is that once they’ve fixed the problem the healing really needs to start.

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