Here at Balanced Wellness we recommend

  • Fresh clean filtered water
  • Herbal teas, no caffeine including black tea or coffee
  • Salads in the summers, warm cooked crunchy vegetables in the winter
  • Seasonal vegetables and fruits where possible
  • Organic where possible
  • Brown rice – short grain is excellent for soothing the digestion
  • Wheat free pasta
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Use houmous and spreads such as almond butter on oat cakes
  • try coconut oil as a spread instead of butter and please never margarines or similar!
  • Salads can include sundried tomatoes, olives and artichokes
  • Homemade wheat free bread (invest in a bread maker)
  • Rye bread from The village bakery – tastes just like brown bread – available in Waitrose
  • Seasonal soups – add water, any vegetables, herbs, spices and a stock cube – so easy!
  • Add oils to everything (but do not heat them)
  • Apple cider vinegar is great as a salad dressing or added to soups
  • Garlic and onions support the immune system
  • Make sure you have greens every single day
  • Syneprotein, TNT and colloidal minerals every morning for breakfast in a shaker
  • Wild fish (farmed fish has less and sometimes no essential fatty acids)
  • Use organic meat and avoid pork
  • Raw chocolate is a great substitute to normal chocolate and does not contain sugar (found in good health food stores)
  • Booja booja do fantastic dairy free, sugar free ice cream with a base of cashews, water and agave nectar (found in good health food stores)
  • Avoid caffeine from tea, coffee and colas. Try Whole Earth “wake up” which is roasted barley with guarana. A great coffee alternative or Yannoh for the non-guarana version. For tea try Rooibos

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