I Love Log – Bowel Support

I Love Log – Bowel Support

hmm, this log needs some flaxseed oil

I love a good log. I love chocolate logs, I love tree logs, I love Startrek captains logs. But most of all I love a good bowel log. Its the holy grail of health. The first question I ask my clients in clinic, how are your bowel movements. I usually get the answer ‘normal’. Always worrying. Normal in this country is once a week. Ouch. What I’m looking for from a healthy bowel is every time food goes in, food comes out. So if you’re eating 3 meals a day you should be logging 3 times a day. And when I say logging I mean a good brown solid log. Not rabbit droppings (sounds like a grumbly liver) or cracked and broken (dehydration or maybe lack of oils) I’m smiling to myself whilst writing this. It amazes me how happy I am writing about poo.

Anyway, why have a good log? Because with log you will have energy, glowing skin, be at your optimal weight. Good digestion has a knock on effect with every other organ in your body. If you can’t shift your crap, you’ll feel like crap. It’s really that simple.

So how do you get a good log. Here are my 3 tips for log fans.

Number 1, water water water. Dehydration is responsible for many a log problem.

Number 2 – up your fibre! We need 35 grams a day. That’s loads. An apple contains 3 grams. And when I say fibre I don’t mean wheat. Wheat scratches the bowel, depletes the body of nutrients and the high gluten sticks to the bowel lining making it difficult to shift stuff out. Cut that nasty wheat out.

And number 3, make sure you’re eating oils. Flaxseed, hemp or olive. It acts like lube. I’ll stop there.

I want to end my log blog with a song. Yes. All kids love log.

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