IBS Clinical Trial

Welcome to the IBS Clinical Trial with Balanced Wellness


Your first step is to book 6 x appointments in your practitioner’s diary in the calendar below.

Please choose the IBS appointment on the drop down menu and book into the Havant or Waterlooville clinic. Do not book a video call as we need to see you in person. We recommend 2 sessions a month for 3 months.

The IBS clinical trial appointments are only available with Tracey Cleeve and Crystal Farmer.

Please Download and Complete

Please download and complete these documents and bring them to your appointment for your file. Please also email them to the practitioner to be used for the clinical trial.

  1. Balanced Wellness Consent Form
  2. Balanced Wellness Health Questionnaire
  3. IBS Client Inclusion Form
  4. Consent Information Sheet
  5. IBS Client Consent Form
  6. IBS SSS scale
  7. IBS HAD Scale
  8. ICECAP-A questionnaire
  9. MYMOP initial form

Below we share our most important and common clinic models explaining our approach to body systems and how we work uniquely with the digestive system. You are required to watch them before your appointment.

If you have questions, you can bring them to our Balanced Wellness community on mighty networks. Join here.

We work with a number of different diets based on PFC principles. You will see a video below explaining how to eat this way.

For the IBS Clinical Trial, we are advising all participants to follow the Microbiome Repair Diet.

If you wish to have access to our PFC Meal Plans with over 90 recipe ideas, click here.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, please watch our video below to learn more about the issues this can cause clients and how to eat balanced.

6 x Follow Up Appointments

As part of this clinical trial, you will attend 6 appointments.

Please book your appointments in with your practitioner of choice.

After each appointment, please complete these forms and send to your practitioner via email.

MYMOP initial form

MYMOP follow-up form

On your last appointment, please complete these documents again and email them to your practitioner.


ICECAP-A questionnaire

IBS SSS scale

MYMOP follow-up form

IBS Client Personal Feedback Form

For any questions, please contact your practitioner.