IBS Free

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IBS Free

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  • IBS
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Bloating
  • Gas and wind
  • Cramps
  • Digestive pain

Are you looking for a solution?

We can help.

Why is our IBS solution different?

The bottom line is that the NHS just aren’t able to offer a coherent solution to IBS.  Medication and Low FODMAP diets alone don’t give lasting solutions for most people most of the time.

The reason is that IBS really isn’t a gut issue. Yes that sounds crazy because, let’s be honest the pain is most DEFINITELY in our guts but that’s not where it stems from.  IBS is widely known in the medical profession to be linked to stress but that is just the beginning.

IBS is a hugely under researched condition, the reason is that it isn’t life threatening it is considered to be a “Functional Disorder” however, for those of us who have it there is nothing about the experience that feels functional.

 “Functional disease is not life threatening, it is life long and the associated science is currently very poor. There is logic and sympathy for the notion that real disease and real impact is more important” Dr Prash Patel  – The IBS Roadshow 

It turns out that IBS comes from an imbalance of a variety of different hormones Oestrogen, Cortisol, Serotonin, Ghrelin, Motilin, Cholecystokinin, and Gastrin to name but a few. The issue therefore is a hormonal one and not a gastric one. The only coherent way to solve IBS is to look at the hormones that are out of balance.

To do this we have to adopt a whole person approach. We need to investigate everything from lifestyle, exercise choices, food intolerances and diet and leave no stone unturned in creating an individual programme that works.

Our revolutionary IBS protocol explores every avenue and offers you the education around where your IBS is coming from. It is full of our most powerful techniques developed through years in working in clinic, and alongside Senior Medical professionals.

IBS Protocol Includes;

  • A tried and tested diet to manage the symptoms of IBS
  • The effect of stress on IBS
  • The hormone link
  • The physical and emotional triggers of IBS
  • Tools to manage stress
  • Targeted nutritional supplements to support the body to restore, replenish and maintain the environment in your bowel to ensure you remain IBS free
  • A step by step guide to ensuring you learn what is going on in your body and how to manage it

Basically it’s what we wish we knew 20 years ago. To buy the IBS Free online programme, click here.

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