How to improve your gut microbiome in 10 steps

  1. Cut out processed food and refined carbohydrates – these foods cause the bacteria in our gut to produce endotoxins. Research shows endotoxins lead to inflammation, weight gain and even depression
  1. Follow the microbiome diet – this specific diet removes toxins from the bowel and creates the right environment for healthy gut flora
  1. Reduce toxic load from environmental factors such as toxic chemical toiletries – chemicals in our homes and skincare create an environment that causes stress to the healthy gut flora in our gut microbiome leading this delicate balance to be damaged. These chemicals also create a massive amount of work for the liver and disrupt our hormone system!
  1. Detox to reduce the effect of pollution – Pollution also damages the sensitive bacteria in our microbiome. Whilst we can’t always escape pollution, we can ensure that what we put on and in our bodies is clean and chemical free meaning we aren’t compounding the problem
  1. Organic to reduce the impact of pesticides – pesticides are a real problem for our gut microbiome, many of them are designed to kill off bacteria. This is great if it’s to stop some blight on the vegetables in a field but these chemicals are not discerning. The bacteria in our gut are really sensitive and pesticide residue on non-organic vegetables can wreak havoc on the delicate balance. Going organic is a great way to stop this issue.
  1. Drink still, filtered water – we need water to ensure good elimination from our bowels. If we don’t have enough we can’t eliminate effectively and the toxins in our bowel can recirculate or sit there and create an environment that starts to destroy the healthy bacteria creating a breakdown in our microbiome!
  1. Exercise – Exercise is a great way to support all the systems in our body to clean the lymphatic system and break down fats which are storing toxins. However, when we exercise too hard for too long there can be a damaging effect on the porosity of the gut, the key is regular exercise where you aren’t pushing yourself too hard
  1. Supplement with the amino acid L-Glutamine- It is the primary fuel used and absorbed by the cells in your gut lining. It also supports repair to the gut lining and a better environment for the microbiome to thrive!
  1. Try taking Inulin – Inulin is a highly effective “prebiotics”. A prebiotic is a non-digestible food that support the microbiota by fermenting foods and feeding the healthy gut flora and make this community of bacteria thrive.
  1. Try a microbiome reset – Huge scientific leaps have been made in targeted support for the microbiome. The biggest of which was made by Synergy Worldwide who have created the worlds first patent pending, clinically trialled microbiome detox and reset. This one week protocol is designed to remove heavy metal toxicity, lower cholesterol, triglycerides and remove the toxins causing problems. This leave’s your microbiome feeling better than ever. The best news is it contains Inulin and L-Glutamine so it’s a win-win