No Pain, No Gain – A Kinesiology Bad Back Solution

No Pain, No Gain – A Kinesiology Bad Back Solution

“I have no problem with a jaw massage ma’am, I’m tough”

When I first met my partner he didn’t know how much his life was going to change.

He never imagined that I would move in with 4 million shoes and totally take over his spare room, he didn’t plan on fitting a special drinking water filter in the kitchen and he certainly didn’t know how many supplements he would be eating on a daily basis.

“A Kinesiologist? Whats that then” he asked politely on our first date.

“Well it’s a bit like seeing a Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Acupuncturist and Counsellor all rolled into one” I explained.

He seemed impressed, but then I was wearing a rather low cut top.

After only a week together he came into my clinic. He had been suffering with a painful lower back for many years. He’d had surgery to remove discs L4-5 two years previously and had noticeable Lordosis.

We never make promises in the clinic. Each case is completely individual. Claire and I have both had experiences of ‘one-hit wonders’ – one treatment and boom, the complaint the client has suffered with for years is gone. Other cases are more complicated and take longer. I had experienced success with bad backs so fingers crossed that I would help this rather lovely man who I was desperately trying to impress.

His pelvis was misaligned. Further muscle testing showed that there was jaw involvement, probably originating from a rally car accident a number of years ago. We discussed emotional issues around receiving support, found Bach Flower Remedies as well as nutritional supplementation (Metabolics magnesium and Natures Sunshine colloidal minerals and vitamin E with selenium) to support the back and pelvis.

Systematic Kinesiology involves a physical massage. In this case a jaw massage. This can be one of the most excruciating techniques in our tool kit but it is also one of the most effective in reliving pain and long term symptoms. Suddenly this gorgeously strong man on my couch who, as it happened was trying to impress me too, was reduced to a wiggly, high pitched screamer. Always good on a third date I reckon. I asked him ‘okay to continue?’

‘Knock yourself out…’ he replied ‘but first can you knock me out?’

Three months later, he is getting quite used to his girlfriend sticking her Thumbs of Steel into his temporomandibular joints.

When he got out of bed this morning I looked at his posture. He was standing up straight. His Lordosis had noticeably improved and he admitted his back was less painful. I would take all the credit but he is the one who is taking his supplements, eating the protein shake for breakfast, drinking more water and dealing with his emotions.

Hats off to you Mr Hardy. You have embraced all that I offered and I’m delighted you are reaping the rewards.

Permission given by the client.

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