12 Reasons Why a Career in Kinesiology is the Best!

12 Reasons Why a Career in Kinesiology is the Best!

A career in Kinesiology makes us this happy

A career in Kinesiology can make you do this

“Do you enjoy what you do? If not just stop, don’t stand there and rot! ”

Ah the enlightened lyrics of Wham!

For the next six days I get to be immersed in my favourite subject whilst teaching a Kinesiology intensive course with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology.

I am incredibly honoured to have the opportunity to teach this incredible therapy at the highest level and often need to pinch myself that this is my career.

Rewind 6 years and I was miserable. I had a high profile marketing job, I did the 9-5, I had a good, consistent salary and I was so bored it nearly killed me. I knew I had to change something in my life and I was fortunate to find Kinesiology.

I have had the pleasure to teach hundreds of students. Most people are looking to change career, some are just interested in the magical world of Kinesiology. Their motivations aside, everyone who goes through this course experiences transformation either personally, professionally, in their relationships, in their health or like me – all of the above.

It’s a great career, I have thousands of reasons why but here are my top twelve.

  1. Alternative Health is a real growth industry in the UK, you can work the hours that suit you, you can always specialize in an area that really interests you, an average practitioner earns approximately £50 an hour (outside of London). Most people discover they earn the same in a few days a week as they did on full time salaries.
  2. Kinesiology sits alongside all other therapies as we work with what we call MCPE, these are the four realms that a person is made from and where disease can start. The Mental/emotional realm, the chemical realm, the physical or structural realm and the electrical realm. This is a really (w)holistic approach and allows all other therapies to work hand in hand.
  3. You can train as a Foundation Kinesiologist in just 6 weekends over 6 months after this you can have a practice and start earning!
  4. You will improve your health and the health of your family.
  5. You work through emotional blocks thereby helping you move forwards in other aspects of your life.
  6. It’s empowering, you learn all about how your body actually works and how to give it what it needs to fix itself without resorting to drugs.
  7. Kinesiology is tried and tested, with a wealth of clinical trials and scientific research behind a lot of our techniques.
  8. It’s cool.
  9. Learning this stuff is like being Alice down the rabbit hole, it’s a mind blowing, exciting and incredible world that literally makes peoples jaws drop daily.
  10. Anyone can learn it, even if you struggled with learning at school we have the tools to make it simple to learn this amazing therapy.
  11. You really can help people, everything from digestive issues and bad backs to clicky jaws and everything in between, we have hundreds of techniques to help people be able to fully step into their healthy selves.
  12. It is simply the most rewarding, creative, fun, inspiring, profoundly moving way to earn a living. Best job in the world – fact.

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