The College of Functional Kinesiology

The College of Functional Kinesiology provides foundation and practitioner training courses in Touch for Health and Functional Kinesiology.

What is Touch for Health?

Touch for Health was developed by John Thie and is a system of Kinesiology that is simple to learn as John believed passionately that Kinesiology should be something available to everyone.

It uses Kinesiology muscle monitoring with the principles of Chinese medicine to assess the energy systems of the body and re-balance usingĀ  physical, electrical, emotional and nutritional techniques which are both gentle and effective.

What is Functional Kinesiology?

Functional Kinesiology is a practitioner training pathway. It brings together a series of protocols based on traditional kinesiology techniques combined with the latest research in nutritional science and functional medicine.

How is Balanced Wellness involved?

The founders of Balanced Wellness, Claire Snowdon-Darling and Laura Knowles created the College of Functional Kinesiology and are the tutors who deliver the training. The College is based on their years of training and clinical practice.