Laura Knowles
About / Bio
Laura is a Senior Kinesiologist and Health Tutor with a decade's worth of clinical experience which means she is confident in working with any health issue and able to hold any client emotion that is presented.

Her specialties include stress, immune and digestion which include her unique clinical protocols on SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and autoimmune.

Her style is investigative and thorough. She uses a wide tool kit which includes lymphatic massage, structural corrections, nutrition, supplementation, diet and emotional coaching.
Clients who prefer a firm style of massage enjoy her sessions, she works in this way because it has shown to give immediate results and relief.

Laura has the following qualifications;
Kinesiology Diploma
Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma
Anatomy & Physiology Diploma
Foundation Counselling
Reiki Advanced
Touch for Health Instructor
Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training
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