Stressed Marathon Runner and Kinesiology

Stressed Marathon Runner and Kinesiology

Here is the case of a female endurance runner with high stress and how I used Kinesiology to support her. She runs her own Personal Training business and is married with 3 children. She presented with irregular sleep patterns, exercise induced asthma, poor digestion, low energy levels and hormone imbalances.

How many sessions: 5 sessions over a 4 month period

What I did in the clinic: For high stress we supported her endocrine system with regular ‘Endocrine Boosting’. I used a technique to correct a hiatal hernia as her stomach was positioned too high and was restricting her lung capacity, this improved the asthma and digestion.  This also helped her irregular sleeping.

What she did at home: I recommended she reduce her running especially as her body is trying to repair.

What supplements she took: B complex, Vitamin C, Digestive enzymes, Calcium Magnesium complex, Pantothenic Acid B5, Adrenal glandular support, Protein Shake with fibre powder

What she says:  Through working with Laura over the last few months we have achieved so much.  I sleep so much better than I did, I no longer wake up several times a night.  I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma which has improved significantly through a procedure that Laura performed.  My digestion was poor and we have worked to improve that as well.  Most of all I feel really good, my energy levels are much improved, I don’t stress as much. I would highly recommend Laura and have done so to several of my clients.

Practitioner name: Laura Knowles. Client age: 43. Client gender: Female