What our clients say

“These are inspirational women. The experiences and insights gained from their journey empowered me to be true to myself.”


“This course has given me the freedom to be who I really am! I feel so liberated. So much help was given and received. The support was genuine. The tools to use in every day life are so easy to do.”


“This is true personal development. Each day I came in and felt so different. I found out things about myself that I did not know were holding me back. I genuinely feel lighter, happier, more confident and sure about myself.”


“They provide a safe, fun and nurturing environment for a group of women to work through their fears and anxiety. This workshop has provided amazing tools to help me on my journey.”


“I came to this workshop at a time I was in a great amount of emotional pain. I am so glad I came, it has been one of the best experiences of my life. I cannot thank these women enough for their support.”


“I booked this workshop without any prior knowledge of Balanced Wellness. It was a case of right time, right place. This has been the best experience of my life ever because it was all about me and what I needed. It is the deepest personal development work I have immersed myself in and I am truly grateful for how I alive I feel now, how much power I have that is yet to unfold and how much love is in me.”


“This course will, quite simply, change your life. Balanced Wellness have created a body of work that has broken through years of ‘stuff’ in a way that nothing has before. I feel stronger, more able and confident.”


“Wow, what a course! A brilliant journey of self discovery and development, highs and lows of emotions and coming out a better person. Loved it”


“Claire and Laura have created the most wonderful, nurturing and safe space in which they share their knowledge, wisdom and guidance to allow you to show up in a way you may never have experienced before. Simply life changing.”


“Everyone needs this! I will need and use these tools every day of my life. Laura and Claire made it enjoyable and easy to understand. So many lightbulb moments.”


“Great team – experienced and professional. Both myself and my husband have received treatments but I have also sent my own clients for Kinesiology. I have worked a lot with Laura in a wellbeing corporate capacity and Tracey is an excellent Sports Massage Therapist.”