Panic Attacks and Kinesiology

Panic Attacks and Kinesiology

Here is a case of a woman with night terrors and how we used Kinesiology to support her. She suffered with regular panic attacks at night which would wake her up and she would spend an hour on the toilet vomiting and having diarrhea. This had been a problem she experienced for many years.

How many sessions: 3 sessions over a 3 month period

What I did in the clinic: I worked on supporting the endocrine system and nervous system with a Kinesiology technique called an Endocrine Boost.  The jaw was very tight and we worked on releasing the tension in each session. We also worked emotionally with her fear of losing control.

What she did at home: She incorporated a protein and fibre shake into her diet and spent time relaxing and unwinding each day. She became aware of what she wanted to do rather than what she felt she ‘should’ do.

What supplements she took: B complex, Niacin B3, Pantothenic Acid B5, Glandular support, Food enzymes, Organic protein shake, Magnesium

What she says:  I found my ability to relax became increasingly easier as the weeks passed.  After three visits to Laura the panic attacks had stopped and I emerged as a woman with control of herself and no longer the victim of her fears. I feel strongly enough about the treatment I have received to recommend that if you have any ailments, mental or physical, that you go for Kinesiology. 

Practitioner name: Laura Knowles. Client age: 44. Client gender: Female