Self Love

What does radical self love mean? How it can help you create better boundaries and how you can start to identify the signs that you need to love yourself more.

Body Love

Simple techniques that change how you feel about yourself and help you choose food from a place of self love not self attack.

Fulfilling Sex

When you have radical self love you can learn how to be really honest about what you need and desire which leads to mind-blowing connection and lasting fulfilment!

What will you get?

Transform your relationships

A lack of self love shows up as toxic relationships, arguments and conflict. Begin to turn this round and create and with simple tools and awareness.

Feel better

Learning how to deeply self accept can be incredibly effective in developing a calm, centred, completeness in yourself.

Make better life choices

When you make decisions from a place of self love you get greater clarity and an inner strength to create what you really want in life.

Embrace your body

When you can love your incredible body, you will look after it, feed it well and have better sex! We also share the best food to eat to nourish your body and balance your hormones.


What women say about us

Jennifer Sanchez

Founder of The Liberty Lounge

She blew my mind, so much brain food. I thought I practiced self love but this is next level!”

Natalie Sabiston

Founder of Tiger Tone

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t put into practice the lessons I have learned. Everyone needs to listen and give this attention.”

Jodie Ware

“It has helped me on my path towards self love in ways I didn’t realise were possible and managed to remove blocks that have held me stuck for years! “

Emily Perry

“ I have made huge changes in my life through this work, she really knows her stuff .”

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