“This course has given me the freedom to be who I really am! I feel so liberated. So much help was given and received. The support was genuine. The tools to use in every day life are so easy to do.”


Reclaim Your Life

Live Event

Five days that will change your life

12-16th October 2021

This extraordinary event is our signature work that has been developed over 20 years of our self-development and having worked with thousands of women.

This event is personally led by Claire and Laura to ensure that you break through the blocks holding you back. The women who choose to do this work are waking up to the potential of a new reality. They often feel that something in their life is missing or not “right”. They don’t want to pretend anymore but they don’t know how to be true to themselves.

They feel the person they have become is bound by duty and fear and they want something more. They know in their hearts their life can be extraordinary but they don’t know how to make it so.

They may be bored of their careers, feel unfulfilled in their relationships and have forgotten to be authentic, they may be struggling with parenting, facing issues around sex, they are often anxious or deeply overwhelmed and living with
negative self image or have lost their dreams. We commonly hear that they feel like “little girls in women’s bodies”

Ultimately they have lost their connection to themselves and don’t know how to get it back. They may be numbing themselves with shopping, online addictions, food, drugs, alcohol or television but they realise they are now ready to take the steps to change.

“This is true personal development. Each day I came in and felt so different. I found out things about myself that I did not know were holding me back. I genuinely feel lighter, happier, more confident and sure about myself.”


If this is you we want to help you

If you are ready –really ready – to clear the physical and emotional blocks that are stopping you from living your best life we would love to hear from you and we can decide together if it is the right time for you to embark on the journey back to yourself.

In this event we will teach you

  • To be able to create and hold boundaries
  • To have the confidence to trust your own truth and be able to express it without fear of conflict.
  • To reconnect to your intuition and follow your inner guidance
  • To clear our fear and conditioning and come back into alignment to your true self
  • To rewild and embrace all of your emotions and have mastery over issues like anxiety.

Most of us experience life through the lens of what with think we “should” be doing based on societal norms and familial expectation combined with low self esteem/ self judgement or anxiety. Reclaiming our lives mean we rewire those beliefs and step into a new paradigm free of conditioning and fear to live the full, expansive and authentic version of ourselves we were meant to be.

“They provide a safe, fun and nurturing environment for a group of women to work through their fears and anxiety. This workshop has provided amazing tools to help me on my journey.”


Is this event for me?

Do you:

  • feel bound by duty and fear?
  • want life to be extraordinary but they don’t know how to make it so?
  • are you bored in your job?
  • feel unfulfilled in your relationship?
  • struggling with parenting?
  • facing issues around sex?
  • feeling deeply overwhelmed?
  • living with a negative self image?
  • feel you have lost your way, your dreams and your connection with yourself?
  • use shopping, food, drugs, alcohol, social media or television to numb yourself?
  • feel lost and unhappy?
  • do things you don’t want to because you are expected to and feel you ”should”?
  • beat yourself up all the time?

If you have said yes to any of the above then this workshop is for you.

Claire and Laura have been passionate about holding space for profound personal transformation for over a decade. There are no human emotions they are unable to be with.

Our gift is that we are able to go to the challenging places with you, work with you in that place and help you find a path to a version of yourself that is free from fear and conditioning and embracing a life of radical self love and living from your truth.

A Five Day Journey

Images courtesy https://www.libertyphotography.co.uk

The five days is a carefully constructed journey, we start at the beginning, working with your fear to ensure that we create safety from the start of this journey then, day by day we layer upon these deep foundations, shining light on every aspect of your life supporting you to step into the best version of yourself.

Day 1 – Releasing fear and creating our own safety container
Day 2 – Breaking free from conditioning and finding our inner strength and reclaiming our emotional expression
Day 3 – Self love and self forgiveness
Day 4 – Claiming our confidence and standing in our full potential
Day 5 – Intimacy, relationships and communication

What is included?

A 5 day journey of workshop structures held by Claire and Laura
Gratitude journaling and meditation
Delicious Organic Paleo lunch plus refreshments (gluten, dairy and sugar free food is standard, vegans and vegetarians can also be catered for)
Access to Reclaim Your Life Online, a 12 hour video library of emotional tools and techniques
One months free access to The Hub, our Facebook group, supporting you after the retreat

“I came to this workshop at a time I was in a great amount of emotional pain. I am so glad I came, it has been one of the best experiences of my life. I cannot thank these women enough for their support.”


What is the price?

We offer two options of payment:

A 6 month payment plan involving £200 deposit followed by 5 payments of £150, totalling £950.

Or pay in full and your place is priced at £900.

We believe deeply in this work, we know it changes lives.  We would love to see you there.

“This course will, quite simply, change your life. Balanced Wellness have created a body of work that has broken through years of ‘stuff’ in a way that nothing has before. I feel stronger, more able and confident.”