Remote appointments

This option is ideal for you if you

  • Do not live in travel distance from our clinic in Havant, Hampshire, UK
  • Require nutritional, supplement advice, lifestyle and emotional support specifically
  • May prefer not to visit a clinic since the Covid-19 pandemic (even though our clinics are in line with the Covid-19 government safety guidance)
  • Want to save time travelling to the clinic
  • Would enjoy a session in the comfort of your own home

What to expect in your first appointment


Your practitioner will be looking at your nutrition intake and making recommendations on dietary improvements based on the latest scientific research. We will also be investigating any potential food intolerances which often contribute to symptoms.


Your practitioner will request you post a hair sample for hair testing. This enables the practitioner to identify imbalances to focus on as well as which tailored nutritional supplements are right for you.

Video Call

Once your practitioner has hair sample and your health history form, they will contact you to book a video call to go through their findings, make their recommendations and get you started on your journey.

Health History Assessment

Your practitioner will review your health history to assess all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and enable us to put together a map of how to work with your specific case.

Next steps for your first remote session

  1. Choose the best practitioner for you
  2. Book and pay for your first appointment here
  3. On receipt of paying for your appointment, we will send you access to our online portal which contains all the information about your appointment including sending a hair sample for hair testing, which forms to complete and which pre work is required so you are able to get the most out of your session.
  4. Once you have sent your hair sample to the address provided, email your practitioner and inform them that you have booked a remote session and a hair sample is in the post. They will arrange your appointment with you directly.