Resolution or Revolution? Detoxing New Years Resolutions

Resolution or Revolution? Detoxing New Years Resolutions

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It’s January and I really want to start the New Year feeling good so for 60 days husband and I are doing a totally holistic cleanse. I like to do the odd fast and cleanse from juice fasts at the spring equinox to eating mung beans for 40 days on the yoga teacher training so this is nothing new for me but my motives are.

My plan involves the following: No gluten, dairy, wheat, sugar, starchy carbs, alcohol, caffeine or tap water. I’m then having hot water and lemon every morning and doing at least 10 minutes a day of meditation, manifesting, affirmations, shakti dancing or rebounding. Plus a bit of pampering at least twice a month. (check out groupon for amazing offers on massages)

This wasn’t a dodgy New Year’s resolution to lose weight or diet (because news flash – diets don’t work) but actually a resolution to spend more time this year honouring myself. We generally don’t spend enough time doing stuff that makes us feel good because of being busy or (in my case) being plain lazy. This also isn’t about denial, or self loathing. I’ve been on a huge journey to like myself so the last thing I want to do is punish myself. Lots of resolutions fail because the motive is to change something we don’t like about ourselves. I often hear ” if I just lost a stone/stop smoking/ change job I’d be happy” the choice is to be happy now.

I’m a Kinesiology Teacher, a Reiki Master and a Yoga Teacher with a wealth of tools at my disposal and I walk my talk but I’m not perfect (who is?) and I have my demon foods the same as everyone else. However when I combined a difficult year, a busy lifestyle and the odd glass of wine, being lazy with meditation and giving in to occasional trigger foods, the result was not feeling as sparkly and dynamic as I could. The yogic belief is that 40 days breaks a habit, I’m doing 60 because I want to really improve my commitment to myself. This is a self-love revolution.

So I’m a week in and loving it. It’s not that I can’t have foods, or a lazy lie in, it honestly feels that I don’t want to. I’ve given myself a better option – changing your mind set with your resolutions is really important. If you feel denial or misery your body will produce the stress hormone. If you feel bliss it releases the happy hormone. If you come from a place of committing to yourself with deep self love you will truly change your life. It will feel really good and you will be spreading that joy wherever you go. That’s real revolution.

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