Skin Deep – Healing Psoriasis

Skin Deep – Healing Psoriasis

And I’m ready to leave the house

I’ve always been a bit scabby if I’m honest. Puberty kicked in at 13 and so did a face full of spots and a delightfully embarrassing flaky scalp. Head and Shoulders didn’t shift it, Medicated Tar Shampoo that stank to high heaven didn’t shift it, throwing a huge tantrum before school definitely didn’t shift it and much to my dismay moving out of my terrible teens and into my 20s didn’t shift it either.

I’ve spent years brushing off my shoulders, avoiding black tops and spending a fortune on a rather glamorous hat collection. (it wasn’t all bad.) So it is with ridiculous joy that I hear my faithful hairdresser say to me today ‘your scalp is as clear as whistle’.

I love my hairdresser. He has been with me 7 good years. Its one of the longest and most committed relationships I’ve ever been in. I would never cheat on him. I even trek up to London to see him and that’s a biggy cause the London transport system and I do NOT get on.

I trust Craig with my hair. This is equivalent to saying I trust him with my life. A womans hair is her crown and I now wear mine with pride. Yes Craigs dedication and care is partly responsible but so are the changes I’ve made in my life.

  • I have a protein shake every morning for breakfast. Protein is what our skin is essentially made of
  • I drink flaxseed oil. Oils are rich is essential fatty acids to nourish the skin
  • I regularly take vitamin E which is a fat soluble vitamin and antioxidant
  • I eat loads of fibre that keeps my bowels happy (we all know it’s all about the log)
  • And most of all I have dealt with my confidence issues

Anyone who has experienced a skin condition will tell you it makes you want to put a bag on your head. This instinctive response of wanting to hide away was at the core of my condition. I hated crowds and I hated talking in public. I was much happier tucked up at home rather than at a social gathering so no wonder my body created a condition that gave me the excuse to stay in and watch Xfactor.

But I hated the restriction of it. Deep down I wanted to enjoy social situations, to connect with others, to have opinions, to be confident. So I jumped right into Jewels Wingfields Deep Diving year long course to tackle my fear head on (excuse the pun). I learnt the other day that the word ‘confidence’ comes from the Spanish word ‘confianza‘ which simply means ‘with trust’. Confidence comes from trusting yourself. Once I discovered my inner confidence my skin condition began to heal.

I truly understand how tough it is when your skin is in crisis and no cream, potion or lotion brings relief. But like many conditions it’s not what’s going on outside that needs the remedy. Start by looking inside.

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