Spelt Pizza Bases

Spelt Pizza Bases


Makes 3 pizza’s

  1. 640gs Spelt flour
  2. 435mls water (warm)
  3. 6s Salt
  4. 6s Dried yeast
  5. Pinch of Sugar
  6. 60gs Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  7. 2 pinches Oregano


  1. Dissolve dried yeast in a little of the warm water, add all the sugar and a small amount of the spelt flour until it resembles a wet batter. Cover and leave for 5-10 mins for the yeast to activate.
  2. Knead the mixture thoroughly til it is dough like
  3. leave for 30 minutes to rise
  4. Roll into pizza shapes and top with whatever you fancy
  5. bake until all the toppings are cooked!