Squash, Kale & Coconut Thai Curry

Autumn Detox Thai Curry Recipe

Squash, Kale & Coconut Thai Curry

Autumn Detox Thai Curry RecipeI quite simply adore Thai food! And the good news is not only that Thai curry’s are surprisingly easy to make thanks to readymade curry pastes, they are also detox friendly! Once again I have made use of some of the fabulous seasonal produce to make an Autumnal curry.

Serves: 4

#3 portions of vegetables per serving


  • ½ tablespoon raw coconut oil (fat)
  • 1 cup brown basmati rice (carb)
  • 2 raw coconut oil (fat)
  • 2 tablespoons Thai curry paste (available in either red or green from most supermarkets)
  • 1 can coconut milk (fat)
  • 250 ml vegetable or fish stock
  • 1 butternut squash – peeled, deseeded and cut into 1” pieces (carb)
  • 3 courgettes – sliced (carb)
  • 150gm kale – sliced into strips (carb)
  • 100gm cashew nuts (optional fat)
  • Add fish or meat of your choice to add a protein source

First heat ½ tablespoon coconut oil in a small saucepan. Then wash the rice in a sieve under running water and add to the saucepan, stirring to thoroughly coat each of the grains in oil. Then add 2 cups of water and a generous pinch of Himalyan pink rock salt and bring to the boil, cover the pan with a lid and turn the heat to low and cook for 25 mins until all the water has been absorbed, then turn off the heat and allow to stand for 5 mins – then fluff up with a fork before serving.

While the rice is cooking prepare the vegetables. Then heat the remaining coconut oil in a large saucepan over a medium heat, stir in the curry paste and cook for approx 1 minute until fragrant.   Next add the coconut milk and stock and stir well. Then add the butternut squash and cook for 3-4 mins before adding the courgettes and kale and cooking for a further 5-6 mins until all the vegetables are tender. Finally stir in the cashew nuts before serving with the rice.