The Perfect Pregnancy – Naturally Supporting Mother and Child

The Perfect Pregnancy – Naturally Supporting Mother and Child


snug as a bug in a funny coloured rug

I am an aunty.

On 14th October 2011 my baby sister had a baby. He’s a gorgeous little man and I’m totally smitten.


When my sister told me she was pregnant in February I offered my skills as a nutritionist to help her stay healthy. I am ridiculously passionate about supporting the body during pregnancy. It’s got a huge job to do. The woman’s body is actually producing another person! This miracle never fails to amaze me. The body is incredibly clever and will prioritise during pregnancy. It will put the baby first before the mother so often deficient mothers will suffer with health problems during and after pregnancy whilst the child remains healthy.


My sister was great. She followed the plan I gave her, she had a fantastic pregnancy, a healthy baby and she’s now healthy during breast feeding. Usually a baby is born with a greyish dull placenta which has been drained of all nutrients. Not my sister. She had a full healthy red one. I’m ridiculously proud of her.


So what’s the plan? What did I put her on?


Protein 60g per day -Helps in the production of amino acids, repairs cells, makes new cells. I recommend Syneprotein made with a non-genetically modified soya protein combined with vegetables, vitamins, minerals and herbs.


Fibre 40g per day- many women get constipated during pregnancy. It’s very important to keep the bowels moving even when you’re not pregnant (read all about it)

There are 2 main types of fibre

1.       Insoluble fibre absorbs water, softens stools and moves materials through the intestines. It also helps to balance the pH acidity levels inside the intestines.

2.       Soluble fibre helps maintain blood sugar as it binds with fatty acids and prolongs stomach emptying time so that sugar is released and absorbed more slowly.


To get enough fibre I recommend TNT from Natures Sunshine, great when mixed with Syneprotein


Zinc (up to 40mg per day) – needed for repair, growth and is a mineral involved in the building blocks of life (DNA). Also helps support the immune system.

Magnesium (350mg per day) – Calcium’s twin. The two are needed together and are essential for bone health, cardiovascular health, placental health, and adequate energy levels.  Magnesium is also important for the babies brain, vascular and bone development. Brilliant for labour as it relaxes muscles and eases cramping.


B vitamin complex – B vitamins like to work together and everyone knows the importance of folic acid (B9) during pregnancy to prevent birth defects such as spina bifida. B vitamin complex aids the fetal brain and spine development, supports the mothers and babies nervous system and studies have proved that proper amount of B6 relive vomiting or nausea in women during pregnancy.


And finally water. Drink lots of water. 2 litres a day please.

For any pregnant women interested in producing a baby that looks that good in a silly blanket please get in touch. 

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