Tired All The Time? It’s Important To Feed Your Body Properly

Tired All The Time? It’s Important To Feed Your Body Properly


I know this only too well I have a condition which causes me to feel fatigued most of the time. If you experience chronic fatigue or low energy issues its so important to be really hot on feeding your body right. Reaching for the quick fixes cause more instability and leads to feeling really low or depressed. It’s all about the #emotionhealthconnection
It’s so easy to reach for caffeine or sugar to help us feel human but stimulants long term cause more hormone imbalances if you have underlying conditions.

Instead it’s really important to be vigilant about what you eat.

Avoiding grains (especially wheat), sugar, dairy and caffeine can really help keep your body on track and avoid alcohol.

Drink plenty of water, I sometimes use a coffee alternative made from guarana to help me if I need a boost. Alternatively I make a hot chocolate with raw cacao and almond milk to get some energy in a non depleting way.

Eat plenty of good fats: nuts, seeds olives, olive oil, butter, ghee, coconut oil, meat fats and avocado are great sources.

Eating “balanced” PFC (protein, fat and carb) at every meal to keep blood sugars very stable and stop any adrenal involvement.

Supplements play a big part but, and I can’t express this enough it is SO important to have these recommended to you by a practitioner. Your needs are individual and there is no “one size fits all” answer.

I use adrenal substance, coq10, vitamin C,vitamin b, gaba, food enzymes and liver support.

On top of this its important to keep stress low where possible, remove chemical overload and get “clean” products in your home and on your body. Exercise but listen to your body and don’t flog it when it’s exhausted and of course rest and if you can learn to, meditate.