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The Triangle of Hormonal Health

In our relentless pursuit of exploring the new data emerging from cutting edge nutritional science research, we discovered an interplay between hormones that are often at the root cause of today’s health conditions that is often overlooked.

We call this interplay the Triangle Of Hormonal Health and it is through this unique model, we are able to support clients to make effective lasting changes to their health.

In our clinical and research experience, there is a huge connection that is widely overlooked between stress hormones, blood sugars and sex hormones. Many of today’s widespread conditions reside in these arenas but most people don’t know how to support their bodies to fix the issue.

The interplays include

  1. blood sugar hormones including insulin, ghrelin, leptin, CCK
  2. stress hormones including cortisol (and the neurotransmitters adrenaline and nor adrenaline)
  3. sex hormones including oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone

When the hormones in the triangle are imbalanced, this

  • overworks the liver causing ineffective metabolic waste clearance
  • stresses the elimination organs – the bowels and kidneys causing digestive issues
  • sends signals to the immune system that the body is in distress and creates imbalanced inflammatory responses

Balanced Wellness practitioners work with this interplay to bring the body into balance. Below we discuss how we view different women’s health challenges using the lens of the Triangle of Hormonal Health.

Our book titled Improving the Menopause Experience through Nutrition and Lifestyle is due to be published in 2024 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

triangle of hormonal health