“Cannot speak highly enough about what they have done for me over these last 4 years. I always feel so much better after an appointment, insightful, caring and so great at their jobs – I wouldn’t go anywhere else!.”


Whole Health Approach

In our relentless pursuit of exploring the new data emerging from cutting edge nutritional science research we discovered an interplay between hormones that are often at the root cause of today’s health conditions that is often overlooked.

We call this interplay “The Triangle Of Hormonal Health” and it is through this unique model, we are able to support clients to make effective lasting changes to their health.

When the hormones in the triangle are imbalanced, this overworks the liver causing ineffective metabolic waste clearance and stressing the elimination organs – the bowels and kidneys – causing digestive issues which in turn sends signals to the immune system that the body is in distress and creates imbalanced inflammatory responses. We see the hormonal interplay of blood sugars, adrenal hormones and sex hormones are often at the heart of digestive and immune issues.

Through our research of these hormonal interplays, we created effective, dependable protocols combining functional nutrition and tried and tested kinesiology techniques focussing on six key areas: blood sugars, stress, hormones, digestion, immune and emotions.

We believe in order to get really well it is important to look at all aspects of our life: nutrition, diet, toxic load, emotional health, fulfilment as well as the physical body. We call this the #emotionhealthconnection and the “whole health approach”.

As such we work with all aspects of our client’s health using the “BEES”:

Biochemical – Diet, Food Intolerances, Supplementation and toxic chemical exposure

Emotional – Emotional coaching and other techniques to clear blocks and stress that can be manifesting as symptoms

Electrical –By using Chinese Five Element Theory to correct imbalances in the body

Structural – The correction of issues such as a malfunctioning ileocecal valve or jaw problems.