‘We Three Witches’ – The Power of the Women’s Circle

‘We Three Witches’ – The Power of the Women’s Circle

To be a witch you need really good hair and a banana

Claire, her daughter and I are in Sweden on a bit of a jolly. We’ve come over to a tiny little island called Branno with no cars and a population of 800 residents to visit our friend. Louisa had an emotional shift a few months ago which she was unsure how to deal with and therefore we, her women, booked a flight and came over. We’re a bit like the A-Team.

For thousands of years women have gathered together to support one another, it’s something we instinctively want to do. Today women tend to get together to just gossip. Although it is clearly important to discuss what is happening in Peter Andre’s life or what one should wear at next weeks do, it doesn’t really nourish our soul. When we create a circle and are able to be truly open, honest and vulnerable about what is really going on without fear of judgement, we allow healing to happen. Having a fellow woman listen without trying to fix, interrupt or question is incredible. This increasing need for feminine connection has meant that women groups are now popping up all over the place. Check out Red Tent Circles which are built on the old tradition that menstruating women get together on the full moon to share, talk and receive support.

It’s common for women to feel competitive of each other, especially with women we don’t know. The usual body comparisons – she is younger than me, she has a smaller bum or perkier boobs. If we get past this insecurity, we are able to see that all women are the same – beautiful, flawed and totally fabulous regardless of who they are or what they look like. The competition between us is an illusion keeping us separate from the strength we can experience from being part of the united feminine.

This afternoon we three witches went to a secluded part of the island and connected with our feminine core using a series of emotional release techniques we use in the clinic.  500 years ago we would have been burnt at the stake for it or outcast for working through our emotions with movement and sound. Combine that with knowledge of making medicines with herbs in the Middle Ages and you end up with a large scale witch hunt. The wise women (or witches) were feared by men because of the collective power created when the sacred feminine come consciously into circle (or in witch terms a coven). We didn’t have cauldrons, just a beautiful piece of land with long grass next to the sea, the sun and a cool breeze.

We did create quite a stir amongst the neighbours. But we didn’t care because this is where the magic really happens for us, where we are able to be wild, free and uninhibited. This expression we create within our women’s circle allows us to connect with what’s real and enable us to continue being the strong business women, mothers and partners that we chose to be.

If you would like to be involved in a Portsmouth women’s circle please contact Balanced Wellness

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