What supplements?

What supplements?

Our clients are asking us what supplements are best to take at the moment.

In clinic, we use muscle testing to identify the best supplement for each person as everyone is different with different backgrounds and symptoms. However, there are a few go to daily essentials that we would recommend for most people.

Have a look at the list below and choose your supplements based on what you need support with.

B complex https://www.nutriadvanced.co.uk/vitamin-b-complex-90-tablets.html

– Improving energy and brain function

– Stress relief

– Hormone balancing

– Improving stomach digestion

Magnesium https://www.nutriadvanced.co.uk/magnesium-glycinate-120-tabs.html

– Hormone balancing

– Stress and anxiety relief

– Lifts mood

– Blood sugar stability

– Anti-inflammatory

– Relieves headaches and migraines

– Relieves muscle cramps, spasms and restless legs

Adreset https://www.nutriadvanced.co.uk/adreset-60-caps.html

– Contains our favourite adaptogenic herbs including Panex Ginseng (adrenal support), Rhodiola (nervous system support) and Cordyceps (immune support)

– Stress and anxiety relief

– Energy booster

– Relieves fatigue

– Hormone balancing

Omega 3 Fish Oil https://www.nutriadvanced.co.uk/eskimo-3-105-caps.html

– Anti-inflammatory

– Helps prevent anxiety and depression

– Blood sugar balancing

– Supports the immune system

– Healthy skin

Vitamin D https://www.nutriadvanced.co.uk/vitamin-d3-high-strength-tablets.html

– We get vitamin D from sunlight, therefore many of us are vitamin D deficient because of our climate and our indoor lifestyle

– Supports the immune system – helps the body fight bacteria and viruses

– Lifts mood and helps with depression

– Energy boosting

– Improves sleep

Digestive aid https://www.nutriadvanced.co.uk/similase-42-caps.html

– if you have digestive issues including IBS, constipation, loose stools, pain, heartburn or acid indigestion, we recommend taking a digestive enzyme support to help you process food more effectively and to absorb your nutrients

We use Nutri Advanced (as well as 5 other supplement companies in clinic) because of their ethics, potency, effectiveness, and quality.

When you order on the website and you are asked who your practitioner is, please input Balanced Wellness code 3037486.