Wheat and Dairy Free Pancakes

Wheat and Dairy Free Pancakes


Here is a marvellous recipe for some very tasty wheat-free, dairy-free pancakes.


– 250g spelt flour (a mixture of white and brown is nice) with a nice pinch of sea salt (carb)
– 2 organic eggs, lightly beaten (protein)
– 600ml approx organic almond milk (fat)

Lightly whisk the spelt flour in a bowl to get rid of lumps, then add the eggs into the middle of the flour and whisk in. Add the milk slowly. Try to whisk out as many lumps as you can but don’t worry too much – if you can let the mixture sit for about half an hour the lumps will mostly have gone.

For frying: a little sunflower oil and a little butter (fat)

Optional extras: Fresh lemon, maple syrup, raisins or fruit.