Why are we unique?

Balanced Wellness was started in 2008 with the purpose of offering professional,credible and effective alternative health to support clients to achieve their health goals. Since then we have helped literally hundreds of clients with digestive conditions and hormone imbalances.

Clients often come to us having exhausted the traditional medical route and numerous alternative therapies and we are often their last resort. We are unique because of our approach to the body.

We understand that symptoms often have an underlying cause that has not yet been identified. For example, many digestive conditions originate from stress, poor lifestyle choices, a physical malfunction in the gut and a hormone imbalance.

We utilise tried and tested clinical techniques, advanced, cutting edge nutritional science and emotional tools to support clients to overcome the physical symptoms and emotional blocks; empowering them in all areas of their life.

Since our humble beginning we now have a team of dedicated and passionate practitioners on the South Coast offering the highest standard of clinical practice.

We also partner with the College of the Functional Kinesiology offering foundation training in Touch For Health Kinesiology and Functional Kinesiology Practitioner Training.

We offer free advice via our highly successful podcast “Consciously Healthy” available on YouTube and iTunes.